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- I Hate Russians - NRK Urix - Foreign News & Documentaries

A video clip recently circulated in the Russian media shows a Norwegian diplomat severely reprimanding the reception staff at a hotel in a Russian city.

It is said that the reason, among other things, is that she did not get the room she requested. According to the video, the woman arrived at the front desk and said she was upset that someone else was sleeping in her room.

– You just spoil everything. This is a shame, she says to the reception staff and says something similar also happened to someone else you know.

She gets a new room, but she is skeptical about the cleanliness.

– Do you want me to move to another room where someone had a party and just left? I asked, clearly adding:

– I hate Russians!

– I’m from Scandinavia and I used to clean rooms

Then she asks for a new room and asks again how clean it is.

This is disgusting. I am used to cleaning rooms. I’m from Scandinavia, and I’m not accustomed to a Russian woman washing “just like that”, she said, imitating superficial washing with her hands.

Once the woman asks for the room key and says she will stand outside the door and watch how the cleaner cleans the room.

– This hotel is a shame, and you people are ashamed, you finally say to the reception staff.

It is not clear to whom “you people” refer.

UD: – I’m so sorry

The Foreign Ministry confirmed to NRK on Saturday that the woman is a Norwegian diplomat in Russia. The accident happened earlier this summer.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says so They “deeply regret” the accident.

The statement in no way reflects Norwegian policy or Norwegian attitudes toward Russia and the Russians. The matter is now being pursued internally at the ministry, says Director of Communications Tova Boksens at the State Department.

The ministry has no further details or comments regarding the incident at this time.

Russia responds

The Russian Foreign Ministry came out and condemned what it called “hate speech” from the Norwegian diplomat.

According to the Russian state channel Russia Today, spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on her Telegram account that the ministry is now studying its options.

– The Russian Foreign Ministry is now studying how to respond to this terrible act of hatred, nationalism and xenophobia, wrote Zakharova.

It is not only the Russian Foreign Ministry that responds. Many of the country’s politicians are taking a hard line against the Norwegian diplomat.

Complete lack of morals and good upbringing. If the representative of a Western country in Russia allows himself such statements, then this is a question of culture and upbringing. Unfortunately, there are some narrow-minded opinions. I don’t think it was filthy where this strange woman was. A member of the Russian National Assembly, Tatiana Kosajkom, tells the Podjom online newspaper, that the sense of tact and restraint of an official at this level should be first class.

The governor of Murmansk, Andrei Tsips, was more frank in his response to the Norwegian diplomat’s statements.

We will not tolerate Russophobia in our country. He writes on Telegram anyone who hates Russians can go to hell from Russia.

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NRK has not yet succeeded in contacting the Norwegian diplomat in the video.

NRK has been in contact with the hotel, which says those who can respond in connection with the case will not be at work until Monday.

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