– I have a nice person with me – VG

- I have a nice person with me - VG

VULKAN ARENA (VG) TV file Jannecke Weeden (45) appeared with a mysterious man at the premiere of Season 2 of “Not Allowed to Laugh at the Booth”.


Season two of the hit series Not Allowed to Laugh in the Booth premiered on Friday, September 17, and in that regard, Thursday night was set for a premiere party with a star-studded guest list.

In the upcoming season, celebrities such as Figard Harm (25), Stian Pleb (31), Lenya Mehry (31), Magnus Carlsen (30) and Martha Lefstad (26) will participate.

Among the celebrities who appeared on the red carpet was host Jannecke Weeden (43), with whom she had a date.

– I don’t even know what it’s called. I have a nice person with. Someone I spent some time with, Weeden says shyly.

– Are you single?

– Yes me. This is completely new to me. new situation. Isn’t it just called hanging out with a human? Weeden asks before concluding:

– He’s a nice guy.

She goes on to say that she heard tonight that the date “presented itself as Oliver” and that the two met in the climbing environment.

I haven’t dated in my entire life. I don’t know what that means, but I’ve met him more than three times. He’s someone I do nice things with.

There was a star-studded guest list that walked the red carpet Thursday night.

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Among those who were ready for the first concert were Jenny Skaflan, Thomas Golstad, Ronnie Brady Asi, Elsie Cass Forrosth and Havard Lilhi.

Nikolai Ram, Som Became a father earlier this yearHe says he thrives on the new life.

– It’s so cool and so much fun, it’s way less than I thought it should be. It is, first and foremost, beautiful and sassy.

– But tonight you have no children?

– You’re done now. I left him and gave him dinner, so now dad is off and can go out and enjoy himself, laughs.

Many of the concerned participants from the new season were also present.

Comedian Martin Baer Olsen said he had mixed feelings about watching the first episodes.

– It would be very interesting, but also a lot that should not be shown on TV. He adds that there are people who make a living by entertaining others, and they insult their health too much to make others laugh, which is a shame.

– Are you one of them?

– I’m definitely in the top three of them.

Watch the video: Watch the first look at the second season of the success program here:

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