I like Nordstoga, tik tok | Odd Nordstoga caused a stir on TikTok: – I have to squeeze my arm

It’s not just Odd Nordstoga’s songs (49) that are getting attention these days. The artist found his way to the very popular TikTok platform, and it turned out that he met a somewhat unexpected target group there.

In a few weeks, the famous singer has received more than 10,000 likes on the five videos posted so far on TikTok. There’s one video in particular where fans are blowing up, and many seem surprised to see Nordstoga from a slightly different side.

Surprise “everyone” on TikTok

The Norwegian community on TikTok was apparently surprised to see Nordstoga on the video app, but it took a short time before he was taken to the heat. In just over a week One of Nordstoga’s videos has garnered more than 100,000 views.

In the video, which was posted on July 12, you can see Nordstoga showing off his “secret” talent as a kayak launcher as he throws himself off a pier and glides gracefully into the water. Plus, he performs a seemingly tricky trick, called a “barrel roll.”

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As mentioned, the 15-second video got attention quickly, and judging by the comments section, it really pleases people.

“Strange, you are a legend”one of the many comments that poured in after the kayaking video.

– It’s incredibly funny, you have to push yourself a little, says Nordstoga of interest in Nettavisen.

– I can’t ask for anything else

This month, Nordstoga got a taste of TikTok, but he doesn’t hide that the real reason for the account is to promote his music.

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His management encouraged him to show his presence on the popular video sharing service, and in videos he often uses one of his songs as background music.

– I’m already trying to promote my new song, says the honest Nordstoga.

When a TikTok user created it at the beginning of July, he hadn’t imagined the response, nor had he expected that he would become popular with a younger target group.

– That songs you created so long ago suddenly appear on the radar of young people is incredibly funny. You can’t ask for anything more than that as an artist, says Nordstoga and adds:

– I have some confidence in the future.

Fan favorite

It didn’t take long before Nordstoga’s most-watched videos went viral, and some were inspired more by them than others. After he posted the videos, he didn’t think much about it. Even a video was sent to him.

Three days ago, a video appeared where a file appeared A TikTok user contacts Nordstoga and asks for his help.

“Weird, can you teach me some kayaking tricks?”asks the user in an edited version of the artist’s original video on the kayak.

The fan video has been viewed more than 27,000 times, including by Nordstoga himself. There is no doubt that the video was well received by the artist, who also left a comment.

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– I think the thing you made is very funny. The singer says about the fan video that it is so funny that it went viral.

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It made the 49-year-old realize that he must now try to get past his kayaking video.

It wasn’t just the comments that surprised Nordstoga. There is also one of its own A TikTok account dedicated to posting fan content About the artist.

It’s a very unassuming telemarketer that is flooded with response on TikTok, and the artist himself believes the reason for his newfound popularity is that you see him in everyday scenarios.

Previous experience on other social media most people find it funny when artists show things other than just music.

If you do things other than music, like kayaking, people think it’s cool.

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