I live below the poverty line

I live below the poverty line

VIKERSUND (Dagbladet): The World Ski Flying Championships in Vikersund continues all day Saturday. Marius Lindvik leads the singles race after two laps. As of 16:30 pm, the world champion will be determined.

The one who no longer plays the main role on the snowboard slope is Anders Fannemel. In February 2015, he set a world record in Vikersund with 251.5 metres. This weekend is a test to jump.

World record: Anders Fannemel was deep when he landed at 251.5 meters in 2015. Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB
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His career shifted at Wisla in Poland in the summer of 2019. He broke his cruciate ligament in the fall and has since been having problems getting back in.

Now the mode is the test of jumpers, while others play the role of stars and champions.

– It’s nice to be a jump tester, although I would have liked to fight for the medals. But this is a good alternative. And I had the opportunity to practice snowboarding, says Fannemel on the Vickersund Plain.

Located: Anders Fannemel fell in Polish Wisla in the summer of 2019. Video: Courtesy of Team Hoppland
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He’s jumped a little bit in the World Cup this season. But he was nowhere near stable top positions and had to settle for the Confederations Cup, a B-level.

Fannemel is honest that it’s starting to erode the economy. The jumper earns his living from the cash prizes from the races. No results, no revenue.

– I won against NAV 2 weeks ago and got sick pay 2.5 years after complaining (after injury). it was good. I worked a little last year to start working. But I say that I live below the poverty line.

If you live alone and your income is less than NOK 237,600 per year after tax, you are considered poor in Norway. It’s the love of limitless jumping that drives Fannemel.

– I dream of becoming the best in the world over time. It must be a crazy feeling

He participated in 171 matches in the World Cup. He has won four times and been on the podium 12 times. He won the gold medal in the World Cup team competition in 2015.

The question is what to do after the season.

MONSTERBAKKE: Vikersundbakken is every skier's dream.  This weekend, Anders Fannemel should settle for being a test jumper.  Photo: Tori Ulrich Bratland

MONSTERBAKKE: Vikersundbakken is every skier’s dream. This weekend, Anders Fannemel should settle for being a test jumper. Photo: Tori Ulrich Bratland
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– I did not decide. I have to make some evaluations. If I’m going to keep investing, it has to be one hundred percent. I really want to finish. But I can’t do it the way I did this year.

He points out that the technique needs improvement.

– I can no longer blame old injuries. Most mares have one or two defects. Daniel Andre Tandy manages to be one of the better players now, despite his fall last year. He suffers from a number of “pains” in his body that he never complains about.

And the:

– For my part, it is first and foremost that I do not have the technique of voting.

– What would you do if you signed up as a skateboarder?

– Good question. I have studied sports management – organization and management – quite a bit in recent years. But I find it difficult to combine study and commitment. I wasn’t a typical student, so to speak.

When Dagbladet talks to Fannemel, he has five jumps as a test jumper. The longest jump is 218 meters. It’s still a bit up to the level of Marius Lindvik and his teammates.

drama: Iver Olaussen (19) was a test jump in Vikersund before the World Ski Flying Championships. Then this happened. Video: Courtesy of NRK
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But he can get there.

or not.

Time will tell.

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