– I live in the best conditions – VG

– I live in the best conditions – VG
Anders Mordal played Marvin in the NRK series “Christmas in the Turn”. Here with co-actor Benedikte Lindbeck.

The TikTok video about the death of actor Anders Mordal contains nearly 200,000 plays. The main character himself is surprised when the phones start ringing.


– A colleague called me because my son saw on TikTok that I was going to die. He was very relieved when he heard that I picked up the phone.

Actor Anders Mordal in his cabin in Risør and takes it all in with a smile. A video on TikTok claims that the 58-year-old has died. The clip contains nearly 200,000 plays.

Mardal himself was humiliated by phones and texts on Saturday night.

– I live in the best conditions. But it exploded on the phone. People were worried in their voices when they called, he told VG Saturday night.

– It’s good that there are so many who are glad that I’m alive! He adds.

Mordal is known from series such as “Linus i Svingen” and the “Jul i Svingen” Christmas calendar. He also starred in films such as “Operation Cobra” and “Barry B”.

– Cute with a lot of attention – even before I die

On a Saturday night, he was busy laying planks on his cabin. He did not see the clip on TikTok himself.

“But I suppose the person who posted this used “Christmas in return” as a reference because it’s Christmas and many in the target group know about the Christmas calendar,” says Myrdal.

He thinks the video is funny.

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– Take the opportunity to wish people a happy birthday. It’s cute with a lot of attention – even before my death. Here’s the Christmas mood and lots of snow, he can report otherwise.

At the National Theatre, Myrdal has played several major roles since his appointment in 1997.

In 2010 he won the Hedda Award for Best Male Actor. He received the award for his role as Dr. Stockmann in Henrik Ibsen’s Enemy of the People.

Actor Anders Mordal, pictured here in 2004.
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