– I love you – VG

- I love you - VG
Janet Johansen was the girlfriend of Hans Eric Davek Hosby. She says this photo was their first selfie together.

She writes: “You are the most beautiful, wisest, and most meditative person, and you have a heart of all.”


Dear and very beloved Hans-Erich. I have a few words.

This is how Janet Ing Johansen’s Facebook message to rock star Hans-Erik Davek Hosby begins. He passed away on November 19, 2021.

On Sunday, she wrote him a goodbye message on Facebook.

– Because that’s the case for all of us. You and I, “two hats” in a few words, need not say much. She writes, just look each other’s eyes and we know it.

You are the most beautiful, wisest, and most contemplative of all, and you have the greatest heart of all, Hans Erich.

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– I miss him so much

Now Johansen is in mourning, she told VG.

– I miss him so much. I miss the silly messages from him and all the good conversations. None of us like to watch TV, so there was a lot of conversation.

At the same time you receive a number of inquiries, and you have refrained from reading much in the newspapers.

I want to say that there are several things that I do not know. There are many people I have not met or known before, who are now standing up and talking openly about Hans Erich. I was his girlfriend until the end, and I must admit it hurt to see what someone posted, she says.

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– What do you put in it?

– I don’t want to go into it any more. But I hope that in the future one can focus rather on the wonderful, positive, inclusive person that he was, rather than speculating so much about everything else and the past. At the same time, there are many beautiful words that come in as well.

– full of love

It was Dagbladet who wrote in February how Hank von Helvete wrote found love With a woman younger than 14 years old. He was lonely, but then found Johansen.

“Madam, Janet,” he said to Dagbladet.

– We’ve been together since August.

She says they met on TikTok in March 2020, and that Hosby was fascinated by her fictional character on TikTok “Littlelilly”.

I have seen the world for what it is. Altogether, I saw him from a wonderful point of view, devoid of ego and full of love. I feel so proud of everything you taught me along the way. Thank you Johansen writes.

She says Hasby told her something she wants to live up to.

– He said that if you remove the ego and the “self” in situations and in conversations, and only listen, you will see the world with completely new eyes. Hans Erich taught me that, and I think everyone has something to learn there. Somehow, Hans-Erik had room for everyone in his arms.

See photos from Husby’s life:

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When VG contacted her and asked to quote the post, she answered yes and wrote in a message:

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– He will only confirm from those who stood near him that he was his wonderful and unique personality to the end.

In the post, I attached several photos of the two.

– She concluded: – I love you in a way that I love you only.

Without words, you know the rest yourself.

Friends in sadness

Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby was one of Norway’s most recognizable rock characters passed away Friday.

It is with a sad heart that we say that Hans-Erik Davek Hosby, also known to the world as “Hank von Hill”, passed away on November 19, 2021. We pray that family and close friends will be respected in this tragedy, it was announced on his Instagram late at night Friday.

The 49-year-old was left behind Friends and fans in mourning.

– He was a very nice guy, very open, talked to everyone, and very inclusive. Alex Rosen told VG that he didn’t sit on his high horse, he was such a reliable and kind person. He was one of those who knew the artist well.

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Per Heimli also said he was shocked and saddened.

– Perhaps we have lost an honest soul and genius in his art. Hans-Erik was a multi-talented and sensitive soul who lived his life skinless. But it was amazing.

Hans-Erik Davek Hosby is best known as an old singer and leading man under the pseudonym “Hank von Helvet” in Rock band Turboneger in the period from 1993 to 2009.

In recent years, he has made a living as a solo artist and actor.

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