May 19, 2022


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I loved the return of the Windows 11 app that installs all Android apps

I loved the return of the Windows 11 app that installs all Android apps

WSATools makes it easy to install apk files, i.e. Android apps, in Windows 11 without going through the Amazon App Store or using the command line.

Love the app again in the heat

Microsoft removed the app for three days, and for no reason. Developer Simone Franco is confused by the sudden interference, but now says everything is in perfect condition.

Microsoft has even apologized to the developer because they mistakenly forgot to include the reasons why the app was removed. Now Franco has received an explanation of what needs to be corrected and with him app again.

WSATools installs ADB for you so that you can just download the apk file you want and run the Android app directly from Windows 11.

You can install all Android apps

Note that it cannot be searched in the Windows Store, but the direct link from the said URL opens the correct Windows Store address so that you can download from the Windows 11 App Store. The app requires the Windows Subsystem for Windows which can be installed on both development and beta versions of the operating system.

Apple Music in Windows 11 is smarter than a browser service. Remember to enable developer mode in the Windows subsystem for Android and reboot after installing WSATools. We had to restart several times before installing the app.

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