I read the text on my deathbed – VG

I read the text on my deathbed – VG
Last time: Vera Micaelsen and Atle Knudsen, late summer 2018.

– We had some disagreements about it, says director Attlee Knudsen. His wife, NRK File Vera Micaelsen, died of cancer in 2018.


“Dear little readers,

While you’re reading this, I’m dead »

This is how celebrity children’s host Vera Mikkelsen began her final greeting to the outside world, in her children’s column at Aftenposten Junior – she wrote last night she was conscious of it, before her death of cancer on October 28, 2018.

Michaelsen is 43 years old. the death And the good greeting It attracted a lot of attention.

– I think she cheered up

At her side until recently stood her husband, director Attlee Knudsen (51 years old).

This fall, NRK will be showing its drama series “Etterglød” – around 40, a happy Ester who has had cancer, about the same age as Vera Micaelsen who was diagnosed with cervical cancer with a spread in February 2014.

VG is meeting up with the series’ creator shortly after getting a standing ovation for showing the upcoming series, at NRK’s ​​launch in the fall.

– I think she exclaimed here today, says his wife, and laughs a little.

– She hangs, she does!

TV STAR: Vera Micaelsen was presented as host of the Spellemann Prize in February 1997.

She did the same for the last two years of her life, says the widower.

The script was created in 2017 and 2018.

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– She read the text before she died in a hospital bed. He hung a little, had some objections.

– How was the writing?

We’ve always been good at talking about whatever’s difficult, and I think that’s wise.

Working with “Twilight” was not only easy for the widower, but also had its reward.

– Going through – again and again – what happened: It was indeed a good process, although sometimes difficult.

– Psychiatric treatment

According to Knudsen, “The Later Twilight” is not purely autobiographical. Made in collaboration with series creator Kjetil Indregard, Mads Løken is featured on the script page.

— but it’s based on a lot of what Vera stands for, says Knudsen.

– Her energy and strength when such news appears in the family – when she meets such a person Mass In life as I call it. How did you deal with it and how did we try to deal with it. Then we tried to find inspiration in him and create this imaginary universe.

Knudsen says the main characters Nina Ellen Odegaard and Thorbjørn Harr play very different characters from himself and his wife.

– It’s a little Mine Story – Not hers or children’s story, we had some disagreements about it, laughs.

– Then we used it and shaped it and made some artwork out of it, and then it became ‘Twilight Afternoon’ with our characters.

Shown series: Atle Knudsen (left), Nina Ellen Odegaard and Thorbjørn Harr at NRK’s ​​fall launch on Tuesday.

Knudsen praises Ødegaard and Harr for their efforts.

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They treat this material with respect in a very good way. It was important for me to be a professional, and I was not personally involved in their work.

The creation of a series of subjects very close to last year for Vera is believed to have had a therapeutic effect.

Good way to work with it and get it out of the body. Talking about things is always a cure. What is difficult to get out of wisdom.

Important things in life

“The only thing that can top it off, aside from being healthy, of course, is that you all realize how wonderful a gift life is, and that you turn to those close to you and make sure they understand how much they mean to you. Life is too short to be ashamed to say: I love you. A hug from Vera » Micaelsen wrote towards the end of his life.

Knudsen says the action in the series will “probably go down in some places”.

But the most important thing is to constantly look for the light in all the scenes and find what is important in life. This is live now.

Author: Vera Micaelsen has published seven books for children and young adults. Here during the release of her latest release, “Deskostan,” in the fall of 2014, six months after she had cancer.

Vera Mikkelsen and Atley Knudsen have three daughters together: Mila (20), Elva (22), and Selma (23).

– They’re both very similar. It’s like every other cell! I see both of them.

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It’s been almost four years since the family’s mother passed away.

– He’s in us all the time, of course. Meanwhile, life goes on, and I’m experiencing that we’ve all come a long way, says Knudsen, who is now in a new relationship.

Nina Ellen Odegaard, who plays Ester in Etterglød, says she feels the series has an important topic.

There is a convergence of what we all need right now. I think it will be a bright experience for people to see.

Thorbjørn Harr, who plays the husband in the series, believes “Twilight” will be a powerful experience.

“I think you can find joy in life,” says Harr.

It’s more about life than death.

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