– I shouldn’t have said that – VG

- I shouldn't have said that - VG
On the sideline: Bodø/Glimt coach Kjetil Knutsen during the first quarter-final against Roma at Aspmyra.

Bodo/Glimt’s coach, Kjetil Knutsen, has been criticized for the way he chose to express himself after the flight home from Rome.


About a day after his side Bodo/Glimt lost 0-4 to AS Roma in the Eternal City – with Knutsen in the stands after a tunnel brawl with Roma goalkeeper coach Nuno Santos – Bodo/Glimt coach Kjetil Knutsen spoke with NRK on Friday night.

– What I participated in is abuse. I want to use such strong words. Knutsen added that it was a paradoxical feeling to stand in, but now I’m done with it NRK When he landed at Bodo airport on Friday night.

On social media, Knutsen received criticism from many people for referring to him as “abuse”.

Among them is Bodø supporter/Glimt Gard L. Michalsen, who was previously an editor for E24 and Medier24 among others.

Kjetil Knutsen’s treatment last week was not “abuse”. He probably tested it, but he should never have said it. It underestimates the value of a word dedicated to more serious cases with real victims. For some of those, this vocabulary can be considered disrespectful,” Michalsen wrote Twitter.

In a Twitter thread, he deals with the way Bodø/Glimt communicated after the noise at Aspmyra last Thursday.

– Michalsen explains to VG that a football club like Glimt, who is very professional in all areas, operates surprisingly unprofessional and strategically through its connections – and continues:

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– As a Glimt fan, I allowed myself to get involved after the noise of the tunnel, I was on the field the two games, but Glimt apparently didn’t keep his cool by communicating. I was totally shattered by the loudness and darkness around a video that turned out to be showing nothing. And when Knutsen uses words like “abuse,” it’s stupid for many reasons.

There is a lot to think about both about Roma’s dirty games and the treatment of UEFA, but using a word like “abuse” doesn’t fit in that context. It’s a word that means much more serious things, and for many people, it will also be taken as negative when the word is used about a struggle in the best sports between top footballers and coaches, Michalsen believes.

Front row: Gard L. Michalsen at Stadio Olimpico during the Roma match against Bodø/Glimt on Thursday night.

Great respect for KK, but this is starting to remind someone who isn’t quite ‘tuned’ to the reality of European football, Tor-Kristian Karlsen wrote on Twitter about Kjetil Knutsen’s statement.

Carlsen has worked for a number of international clubs, such as Bayer Leverkusen, Watford, Hannover 96 and Monaco, in the role of scouts or sporting director. He writes in a letter to VG that he does not want to elaborate on the Twitter message.

VG attempted to obtain comment from Kjetil Knutsen through the Bodø/Glimt media team, but Knutsen gave notice that he had no comment on the case. However, the club’s general manager, Frode Thomassen, stated:

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“The use of the term ‘abuse’ is not limited to a specific group in society. Similarly, one could say that if one is bullied in the workplace/school then by definition it is bullying, as one is physically assaulted and harassed over time, then it is abuse ».

Knutsen is supported by university lecturer Dag Inge Fjeld of Christiania University College, who lectures in advertising and marketing. He does not believe the case has damaged the reputation of Glimt’s coach.

– My reaction when I saw that he was referred to the stands was that this was very unfair. Unreasonable was the word I thought, unreasonable and unfair. When he then said it was abuse, I think most people think it was abuse against him as a coach, says Field, adding that this is a concept that carries with it other connotations.

– Many people might react because of the classic use of the term?

– That’s how it happens. I don’t think there is anything to make a lot of noise about. I think most people sympathize with Knutsen. That this was Bodo/Glimt’s little team, the hottest team in Europe, that was surely harassed and some form of conspiracy by Mourinho. There is something rotten about it all. This was a “poor” success for coach Knutsen from one of the most sought-after teams of Askelden in Europe. Then I think he should be allowed to say that he felt this was abuse. At least that’s my opinion, as a football fan, and I understand where you want to go, but I think it would make one feather for five chickens.

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