June 6, 2023


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– I struggled a bit to get out – VG

The violent ride: Marit Stromoy lost control of the boat at over 200 km/h. Fortunately, she escaped her heart almost unscathed.

Singer and racing driver Marit Stromoy, 45, was involved in a very tragic accident during the World Cup Tour in Portugal this weekend.


– It was a loud bang, so to speak. I didn’t get off the boat right away. But I escaped with bruises, Stromoy told VG.

She leads the F1 boating class, which ended the season in Portugal this weekend. Having finished first on this year’s podium in the first race, the accident occurred in the second race:

– At the end of the longest stretch, there was a lot of air under the boat, and it took off somewhere between 200 and 215 km / h. It took off really fast, and suddenly I was traveling and had to wait for it to land, says Stromoy.

She took a bronze in WC in 2019. The 2020 season was canceled due to Corona, and in 2021 Corona was somewhat lower, she became number six overall in the WC.

The Difficult Lady: Marit Stromoy.

Is this the worst rollover you’ve ever had?

– I experienced something similar in Portugal a few years ago, but then went down the right path. I walked along the road. This time the boat sank underwater, and so I’m also excited about how it rushes with electricity on board.

– I struggled a bit to get out, because the cockpit was full of water and I was starting to have a bad time. But luckily we have good training in this procedure, and I got out when the lifeguards came to the boat, the former MGP participant continued.

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– Anyway, this is the reversal that happened to me, as things went as fast as they could. It goes so fast that you don’t have time to think. But she says calmly that it often feels worse than it is.

Strømøy goes straight home to participate in many birthday parties and other events as a singer.