I think AI computers will become popular in the next year

I think AI computers will become popular in the next year

According to Bloomberg, computer manufacturer Dell Technologies is about to launch a number of new computer models that are optimized for tasks within artificial intelligence (AI).

CEO Michael Dell reportedly said in an interview that Dell plans to deliver AI-powered PCs in large quantities this year, and that he believes the models will be “fairly standard” by next year.

So-called AI personal computers contain a type of computer chip that is planned to be able to speed up a computer's ability to run artificial intelligence, such as running a chatbot. It is reported that these chips will be manufactured by Qualcomm.

According to Dell, the PCs will also include a dedicated AI switch that can call up Microsoft's AI service Copilot. Copilot is Microsoft's answer to ChatGPT, and can do tasks like summarizing documents or writing notes.

Stock market rocket

The PC market has declined a bit in the past couple of years. During the pandemic, the market made a jump as more consumers, businesses and schools bought laptops, but customers have not yet chosen to upgrade to newer computers, according to Bloomberg.

By investing in artificial intelligence, Dell and other PC makers hope to breathe new life into demand.

Despite the decline in demand for computers, Dell shares are performing well in the stock market. The stock has risen more than 90 percent so far this year, driven mostly by Dell's server business. Demand for servers has risen sharply in line with the use of artificial intelligence, and according to Dell, the company had an order book worth $2.9 billion for such servers in February.

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Eric Woodring, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, commented, according to Bloomberg, that Dell's AI server and storage businesses are seeing higher-than-expected momentum. Analyst Amit Daryanani at Evercore ISI also noted that Dell won a large portion of Tesla's AI server development orders.

Dell is also working closely with Nvidia, which produces high-quality AI-powered circuit boards.

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