May 29, 2023


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- I think Fagermo is ready for a little rudeness - VG

– I think Fagermo is ready for a little rudeness – VG

Vålerenga coach Dag-Eilev Fagermo invited the Klanen fan group to come and meet him at Saturday’s training. VG’s comments after the loss against Lillestrøm received strong backlash.


after, after 0-2 loss to Lillstrom On Wednesday, Vålerenga is in a disappointing 10th place, with 13 points to the league leaders and arch rival Lillestrøm. The pressure on Fagermo increases, without seeming to affect Vålerenga’s coach to any noticeable degree after the match.

– I do not care about you in the media or the opinions of the public. Then Vålerenga will never achieve anything. Fajirmo said: I’ll be in the strategy, and I know I have the management behind it until I’m gone VG.

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In severe weather: The start of the season was disappointing for Dag Elif Vagermo and Valerenga.

– It’s first and foremost just a goofy quote from him. I understand that he thinks he has to do his job well. I know he cares about supporters, clan spokesperson Erling Rostvag tells VG.

There are still many Vålerenga supporters who started it They shout Fagermo’s departure. Vålerenga and Fagermo in collaboration with the Clan have now invited supporters for one We’re talking in Saturday training.

– I think Fagermo is ready for a bit of austerity, says the clan spokesperson.

– That’s preferable, rather than throwing shit on social media. We need a forum for shouting at the club. There aren’t enough good results, but unlike the people from Bergen, we don’t whistle to our team in the stands, continues Rostvag.

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The fans are our most important asset and that’s why. There have been disappointing results, of course, when people start to doubt, that’s always the case. The best thing to do then, rather than pass it on through the media, is to make direct contact with supporters. It’s a last resort, athletic director Joachim Johnson tells VG. .

Is Fagermo configured for a rough tone?

– Yes, but he has no fear of being asked. Johnson replies that he is handling this just fine.

After the match against Lillestrøm, Jonsson came out and protected Fagermo. The sports director is very straightforward when asked if it’s real.

– I always do what I say, I’ve done it all these years. At least the media should know that, he says.

– But there were clearly very disappointing results. There is no doubt about that. And he continues: I hope the fans will see that too, otherwise you will have no ambitions.

Rostvåg thinks Fagermo still has to prove he’s good enough, but he’s still willing to give him time. When asked what he expects after Saturday’s meeting with Fagermo, he was clear:

Good atmosphere and three points against Rosenborg on Sunday, he answers.

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