I think it may have exposed the biggest problem with Windows laptops

I think it may have exposed the biggest problem with Windows laptops

In the same way as ARM chips, such as the Apple M series, Windows laptops are unable to hibernate intelligently and efficiently. What are the causes of all problems?

The primary property has been destroyed for several years

This is a problem due to Intel forcing the industry to implement “Modern Standby” which doesn’t stop the CPU completely, but allows it to take on smaller tasks.

In previous versions of the technology that controlled this, the RAM was active but the CPU was turned off. With the CPU activated, Bluetooth connections can be maintained and updates can be installed.

It’s a smart idea, but only when done right. The fact that there have been a sea of ​​manufacturers and so many different hibernation technologies over the years has made it difficult to keep battery life at its peak across different versions of Windows – to make it even more complicated.

Intel sleep mode does not work with Microsoft integration

Linux Tech Tips have now addressed the problem to find out why Windows laptops, regardless of manufacturer, do not sleep with the lid closed again but are hot and drain the battery.

It’s hard to get what’s wrong because battery performance can be good one day and miserable another. To make matters worse, he hits Everyone Manufacturers.

The fact is that MacBooks can also be affected by the error. The solution is to visit the battery settings and tweak hibernation when the device is running on battery and activate the alert to access the network only when the device is plugged in.

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You should check this before forcibly activating S3

Is there such a solution for Windows? This was possible in Windows 10, but Microsoft removed the option in the interface and later prevented registry hacks and other tricks to circumvent the lock.

The reason is that other sleep modes that you want to activate in Windows are not supported in the firmware and can therefore cause the device to crash when it goes to sleep.

It’s the S3 support you want on your device. To check if you have S3, type powercfg /ai in the Windows Terminal window.

You can check in BIOS if your laptop can activate S3, then try

This may be the reason – now it’s up to Microsoft

Ultimately, Linux thinks the problem is this: devices don’t realize they have to automatically turn off the network connection when you unplug them and toss them in your bag, which explains why this happens intermittently.

This also explains why the device feels warm when you first took it out of the bag: it thinks it’s connected to power and has installed the big Windows update. In any case, the device will lose more power than it should, and it can be scary if you think you can trust the battery and drop the charger.

It is not guaranteed to work, but the solution may be to disconnect the connector before closing the screen.

Linux says it can’t recommend Windows laptops until Microsoft fixes the bug. It will be interesting to see if he gets an answer.

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