– I think the table is too small

- I think the table is too small

Once again, the table attracts attention during one of the meetings of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Leaders of several countries in the region around the Caspian Sea gathered for a summit in Turkmenistan on Wednesday. They are gathered around a giant table, and the five heads of government are in very good standing.

Five world leaders are participating in the Caspian Sea Summit in Ashgabat. Putin is one of them. I think the schedule is too small, as EU, NATO and Eurasia researcher Luke Coffrey writes at the Hudson Institute about Twitter.

Anton Herashchenko, Adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, also posted a photo from the summit on Twitter. He compares it to a photo from a G7 meeting, where nine people are sitting around a regular meeting table.

Financial Times correspondent in Moscow Max Seddon He writes on Twitter that he could potentially fit an entire hockey field in the middle of the table.

And many times before, the tables at which Putin met had received feedback, including when French President Emmanuel Macron visited Russia before the war began.

The reason for holding his meetings at such large tables is not clear, but when he had a meeting with Macron, the French president must not have passed the test of coronation when he arrived in the Kremlin.

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