I think Trump can give the Democrats a victory in the Senate – VG

I think Trump can give the Democrats a victory in the Senate - VG
I got support: Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Georgia last year. Ex-American football player Herschel Walker listens.

There will be a second game over the election results in the relatively conservative state of Georgia. If former President Donald Trump interferes too much, victory may go to his opponents, according to a US expert.


There was nothing The red wave in the US midterm electionsAs polls predicted, Trump hoped. Republicans are close to winning a slim majority in the House of Representatives, but the battle for the Senate is far from over.

It still counts in Arizona, where the Democrats lead, and in Nevada, where the Republicans lead. Therefore, the rematch in Georgia could be very decisive.

Election drama in replay

Also two years ago, there was a rematch in Georgia, which then ensured the Democrats took power in the Senate with the narrowest majority possible. Now there could be a rerun, and once again Trump could be decisive.

Trump may be getting desperate now that things went really bad for him last night, so he will at least now step in and help. Eric Locke, a Civita consultant, says he doesn’t understand it’s actually destroying.

Don’t get free help

Georgia has a special electoral system, which now means there’s another supernatural drama in store: If no candidate gets more than half the vote, the election moves to a new round.

And on Wednesday evening it turned out that no one could do that.

Current Senator: Raphael Warnock is the person serving as Senator as of today.

With 98 percent of the vote counted, Democrat Raphael Warnock (49.4 percent) has a narrow majority over Republican Herschel Walker (48.5 percent), but the problem for the former is that there is a third candidate in the mix: libertarian Chase Oliver. party, party.

He got the remaining 2.1 percent.

A tie means victory for the Democrats

So Republicans are likely to win one of the other two undecided states, Nevada. If that happens, the “score” will be 50-49 for Republicans.

If the Democrats get Arizona and Georgia, and they are “linked” by 50-50, it is the Democrats who gain power in the Senate, which is one of both houses of Congress, because the vice president can come and vote if the votes are tied. If the Republicans win the rematch in Georgia, they will gain power.

Having this power is very important. Especially with regard to the appointment of federal judges. Not least if there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court. If the Democrats lose the Senate, Biden could forget to appoint someone to the Supreme Court, Locke says.

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The American expert explains in more detail why he believes that Warnock and the Democrats have the best chance.

– You can see that Republican Brian Kemp scored a solid victory in the Georgia gubernatorial election. Then obviously not everyone who came to vote for him voted for Hershel Walker at the same time, but some of those who came to vote for Kemp likely also voted for the Republican candidate for Senate at the same time. Walker won’t get that free help in the by-election.

Locke also sees another key figure: Donald Trump.

Trump is the trump card

Civita’s adviser is convinced that it was the former president who secured the Democrats’ victory not just once, but twice in Georgia’s Senate elections two years ago.

No one mobilizes Democrats like Trump, Locke asserts.

In 2020, Trump did his best in the Georgia Senate elections. At the time, too, Georgia was crucial to which party would eventually gain power.

I dare say that the fact that Trump intervened in the fighting was very crucial to the outcome. I have no other explanation for why Democrats have won Senate elections twice in relatively conservative Georgia.

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On his regular campaign tour, Trump this time moved away from Georgia, but Locke doesn’t think he’ll be able to do so in the next few weeks. Especially since Herschel Walker is one of the so-called Trump candidates A man became the Republican nominee because he got Trump’s support.

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Trump is the trump card for Democrat Warnock!

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Trump may be getting desperate now that things went really bad for him last night, so he’ll at least go in now and help Walker to victory. Loki says he doesn’t realize it’s actually destroying, and adds:

Trump is the trump card for Democrat Warnock!

The circus is coming to town

What is 100% certain is that the political United States will shiver with tension in the next two weeks. It is also certain that Donald Trump is not the only one who will intervene.

Just look back to how it was in 2020. There will be tremendous national interest and a huge amount of money will be allocated to this election – which has already been spent a great deal of money on.

– The circus is coming to town – or the state – to be exact?

– Yes, of course! Barack Obama will surely come. Maybe Joe Biden. And Trump, though Walker should have invited Ron Dientis, who has been re-elected governor of Florida, Locke says.

Congress: The drama that will unfold in Georgia in the coming weeks revolves around winning power in the Senate, one of the two houses of Congress in Washington, DC.

When asked if there were things other than Trump that caused Georgia to suddenly become a state where Democrats win Senate elections, the US expert replied that changes in demographics also played a role, as did local Democrats’ efforts to register voters. .

– But there is no doubt that there is a Trump influence here. The reason people bother to queue for hours at polling stations is to vote against it.

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