I took extreme measures before reality show

I took extreme measures before reality show

On January 10, the seventh season of Farmen kendis premieres. Twelve contestants will fight back to win the popular reality series.

One of the participants that viewers will see on the screen is actor and sofa profile Morstad wires (30).

When the 30-year-old agreed to take part in the program, he was fully aware that there were many actions that needed to be taken.

“It won’t work at all if I don’t prepare,” I said to myself. What mattered most was which of the participants I ended up on the farm with, something I had no control over. And what you end up on the farm is 90 percent of the game, I feel, he tells TV 2.

So, Morstad decides to go back in time to 1923 with a good plan.

physically weaker

In the weeks before Morstad traveled to Steinsj√łen Farm, he decided to do the work needed to be successful in 1923.

The 30-year-old decided to test his natural talent in various fencing disciplines. It soon became clear that not much.

Morstad was aware that one thing would decide his fate at Celebrity Ranch.

– The most important thing was the cast, but that wasn’t something I could control. That’s 90% of the game. Then there were the remaining ten then.

It was the remaining 10 percent that he knew he could do something with.

– I had this thought, “This will never work if I don’t prepare.”

After testing the various dueling branches, his fears were soon proven correct.

– I’ve done all the branches pretty badly, actually. That was a bit of a problem. So my tactic is always to practice a lot more than everyone else, until I get better. He says the way I do with other things in life.

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This is why Morstad chose to practice a lot in all branches.

– And I did it wisely, because I was clearly the physically weaker of the two sexes, says the 30-year-old with a laugh.

Usc did: Mustad knew he wasn’t going to be the strongest of the participants, so he made a big plan before he went to the farm. Photo: Anton Soggiu/TV 2

I deceived the other participants

After testing all of the physical branches, it quickly became apparent that there was one branch in particular that Mastad was doing very poorly.

– Obviously, I was the worst at tug-of-war. It was never going to work!

Therefore, the actor takes certain precautions, if he is challenged to a game of tug-of-war.

– I thought of pretending to be an international tug of war – in my weight class at the time. Then I googled words and expressions to make others believe in me, and bought “super grip” shoes that I took with me to the farm. But I quickly realized during training that tug-of-war wasn’t my sport.

He also practiced sawing a lot, even getting professional help from a carpenter to learn the correct technique.

– I practiced posting a lot before I got in. Just carrying the case was uncomfortable at first. I also noticed where I got it right, and where I did it badly before I got it right. I did it so I could pretend I did the bad thing in front of the other participants – so they would think I had no idea I was posting.

Fool the Others: Morstad decided to fool the other participants - which he managed to do.  Photo: Anton Soggiu/TV 2

Fool the Others: Morstad decided to fool the other participants – which he managed to do. Photo: Anton Soggiu/TV 2

– Did it turn out to be a good tactic?

– I feel that was a good tactic. When we (participants, c. note) met up several months later, someone brought it up. There was a day when you said “I learned how to see,” and then did it badly on purpose. Then they were very surprised and did not suspect that I did it on purpose. So maybe that helped!

Despite preparing well in the duel events, there was one thing he failed to prepare for.

– It was a lot more work than it looks on TV! There was no time to do anything other than work on the weekly task. The rest of the time he slept, ate, or befriended the big farmer so he wouldn’t pick on you.

Celebrity Farm premieres January 10 on TV 2 Direkte and tv 2 play.

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