May 29, 2023


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I traveled 31 hours for nothing

I traveled 31 hours for nothing

The English Premier League match between Burnley and Tottenham on Sunday was canceled due to heavy snow. It happened a few hours before kick-off.

In today’s modern football, people come from all over the world, especially for a couple, it was very difficult not to play the match.

The day before, a Texan couple in the US had posted a message on social media that they would soon be in Burnley – a message that later went viral when the match was postponed.

“From Dallas to London to Burnley (about there) 31 hours – sleepless – coffee, biscuits and more coffee. Cold temperature and snow forecast before the match. The pair wrote on Twitter what not to do for the club you love.

Tottenham striker Harry Kane has also received the message, and the pair are now offered to be the star striker’s guests for a home game in London during the season instead.

“Feel with you,” the star tip writes, among other things.

It’s part of the story that the guy in the relationship had previously butchered Kane in a letter… that happened on September 9.

«Transition period this winter: the sale of Kane. It has to happen,” he wrote, among other things.