– I wanted to follow my heart – VG

– I wanted to follow my heart – VG
Tommy “Taiga” Lee (23 years old) makes a living being a gamer.

23-year-old Tommy “Tyga” Low is contracting from Bergen to join one of the world’s largest esports clubs.


Tommy “Taiga” Law discovered his love for esports since he was eight years old, and has played every day since.

There wasn’t much that interested me as a kid, says the Bergen man.

When he was between 16 and 17 years old, he discovered the RTS game “Dota 2”. RTS means real time strategy.

Dota 2 is a multiplayer game, which you then play with others, where the goal is to kill the enemy and destroy their bases.

He says if the games made him feel mastered. At the same time, it became an arena where he found good friends and met new people.

– And when I found out that this is something I can make money from, the motivation went to 1000.

Did you make money from games?

He wanted to follow my heart

When he later started high school, he realized that it would be difficult to focus on both games and school at the same time. So he chose to drop out and spend one year. If he wasn’t closer to a gaming career, he’d go back to school.

– I just wanted to follow what my heart said. Because if there’s one thing I hate, it’s that I regret things.

But to regret it, the Bergen native may be able to escape, having had the opportunity this year to join “Alliance”, a professional games and esports organization in Sweden.

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It was also here that he met his four teammates with whom he played for the next four years.

Tommy “Tyga” Lee is now signing with the Danish “OG” club.

Big club banners

Recently, Le wanted to go to Asia or the United States to challenge himself and try out a new gaming environment, but due to the Corona situation, he chose to stay in Europe.

Then the Danish “OG” club called Le to see if he wanted to try something new.

– After some meetings with their team leader, I was satisfied.

Lee will now sign with the club which is one of the biggest in the world, and the only club to have won the “International” twice – the Dota 2’s answer to the Champions League.

It’s a big club that commands a lot of respect and is probably one of the most successful in the world, he tells me.

Now Le can earn millions when you move.

Le’s agent, Asgeir Kvalvik, says they can’t comment on the salary and transfer fee, but he’s got his best personal deal ever.

– The agent says that the total value of the transfer is several million kroner.

Live by being a player

Today, Le can proudly say that he makes a living from being a professional player, something he himself never thought he would achieve as a child.

With the environment I grew up in, I don’t think playing was that acceptable. He adds that it was probably not something I thought I could live on, but something I did for fun.

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Now he is now more excited about the “and”, and the opportunities it will give him.

At the same time, Lu notes that breaking up with his four former teammates would be heartbreaking.

– We are all good friends and we had a lot of fun together.

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