– I was afraid that someone would object

– I was afraid that someone would object

– They had a driving style that did not resemble a pig.

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Just before 5pm on Friday, driving school teacher Sigwe Wilsgaard enjoyed the job of teaching other motorists to avoid.

That is, what he was saying was two dangerous overtakings.

– They had a driving style that didn't resemble a pig, he says.

He says that on National Highway 7 near Maurset, two trucks did some dangerous overtaking on a curve. The front is a car from PostNord.

BT looked at the license plate number on the back of the white lorry, and according to BT's findings, the car must belong to a moving company with an address in Oslo.

Wilsgaard enjoyed being overtaken by both and decided to take a picture when he saw the first overtake.

– I am a traffic teacher

– I was afraid that someone would come against me. My wife drove, but I am a traffic teacher and know the consequences of anything wrong.

He and his wife and children were in the car.

– He says there are many better places than there.

As a traffic teacher, he has seen some conflicts.

– In a blind curve like this, one cannot know what will come on the other side, he underlines.

They show interest in following traffic rules

BT sent the video to Postnord, and communications manager Haakon Nikolai Olsen responded in a message:

– It is difficult to see the behavior of the PostNord car based on the video. But in general, I am concerned that all our drivers follow traffic rules and drive safely. Failure to do so will result in consequences – including an internal investigation.

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The owner of BT Moving Company could not be contacted.

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