– I was so addicted to marijuana

- I was so addicted to marijuana

The night watchman accused of the murder (34) says he was an idiot, but denies that he participated in the murders at the hospice in Møllendalsveien.

This photo was taken from the hospice in Møllendalsveien after the January 2020 murders.
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He is accused of killing Jan-Øystein Ask Hilby and his girlfriend Silje Helen Kvandal with an ax in a nursing home on January 12, 2020.

A 58-year-old man from Bergen admitted that he killed Helby and stabbed Kvandal in their room because he felt insulted. One man, 24, is charged with surveillance, while two others are charged with transporting the bodies.

– What’s the motive?

The 58-year-old claims it was the night watchman who got the knives and opened the door to Helby’s room. The Night Watchman had left little honor.

– What motive do I have? asked the night watchman in court and said he hated the 58-year-old.

At 11pm on Saturday, January 11, 2020, he came to work and was told that the 58-year-old and another man had attacked Heilby in his room. This attack was played on videotape in court. The night watchman said he then entered their room.

– I took Jan Oystein with me to the office and treated the wounds he had on his head. The night watchman said then I played a video of the attack for him.

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Selge Helen Kavandal is 29 years old. Jan-Øystein Ask Hilby is 42 years old.

Turn off the video

He said that he then called the police and asked them to come because he was afraid it would end in murder.

Police attorney Inger Lise Hoyland said in court that this phone call was not recorded in the police system. You do not want to comment on the allegations of the Night Ranger.

He also said he had called the police several times in the previous week and said there was a war between the 58-year-old and the deceased.

The Night Watchman denies killing the dead with an axe.

Birs Ecological Station is also located in Møllendalsveien. The dwelling has problems with residents picking up objects from the eco station and placing them in and out of the hospice. It piled up, according to the Night Watchman.

He said that there was due to be a search in the nursing home and that he was asked to remove items from the residence.

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The night watchman is accused of stopping video surveillance in the building before the murder.

He said he did so because he carried items from the nursing home to the nearby Bear Environmental Station.

He didn’t want to appear in the movie if Bear was going to come and complain.

– They wanted to accuse his owner of throwing garbage on the fence. The night watchman said I paused the video and put on hats so Bear wouldn’t recognize me.

He denied that he turned off the video to hide the killing.

– That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It was not planned that the camera would be turned off for a long time. The night watchman said it was my fault.

Kjetil Aarvik owns the hospice and tells BT that residents have filled the hostel with things from the eco station.

– They had to return the “surplus” of things to Bear, but we’ve talked a lot here on deaf ears, he says.

Aarvik thinks this may explain why the Night Ranger has bits of his boss back.

– He says I don’t agree to it.

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The entrance to the room where the killings took place.

– I was an idiot

He said the door to Room 203 was unlocked after he had removed the items from the hospice. There he saw the 58-year-old in the room.

– This was the first time I heard that they died. He was very drunk, angry and dangerous. I was terrified and started smoking marijuana. The night watchman said I pretended to work together so I wouldn’t be the third person in the bag.

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He said he was in the room where the dead lay on Sunday, January 12. There are pictures of himself and the deceased man. He said he did it to prove that Helby died in the room.

“I didn’t know if the room would be empty when I got back to work,” he said.

It was only the night after the killings, the night before Monday, January 13, he said, that he only helped get detergents, equipment and jackets. He also carried out the dead man with 58 and 35 years old.

– It all came to my mind later these days when I started to be sober. I was very addicted to marijuana. The night watchman said: I can take responsibility for being an idiot.

  • Man (58)

    accused of murder. The man from Bergen is a known criminal who said in court that he had sold cannabis for several decades. Risk custody. Arrested on January 13, 2020. Defender: Einar Rhein.

  • Man (34)

    accused of murder. The Polish night watchman was accused of stopping video surveillance, retrieving axes and knives, and participating in the murders. Arrested on Friday 17 January 2020. Defender: Eric Olvesuter.

  • Man (24)

    accused of murder. The man from Ostland was linked to the drug environment in Bergen and was arrested in Offestton on January 20, 2020. He is said to have been on duty while the other two were killed, according to the indictment. Defender: John Anders Hassell.

  • Man (35)

    Accused of violence, theft and removal of evidence. It provided transportation and removed the victims. A few years ago, his life went from being perfect to “getting to the bottom” with substance abuse problems, according to a 2019 ruling. Defender: Eric Johan Miguel.

  • Man (38)

    Accused of removing evidence. He was arrested in the hospice on the same day the bodies were found. Recognizes participation in removing them from the nursing home. Defender: Kjetil Ottesen.


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