– I was so excited – VG

- I was so excited - VG
COUNTRY RAPPER: Lil Nas X is admittedly a rapper, but he also has a weakness for country, which he shows once again with his Dolly Parton coverage.

Jill meets across music booths when superstar rapper Lil Nas X (22) pulls the cover of country queen Dolly Parton’s classic “Jolene” (75).


that it CNN Which talks about the somewhat unorthodox meeting that took place when Lil Nas X performed “Jolene” on BBC 1 Live Lounge this week.

Parton was so flattered that she showered the rapper with sweet words from her Instagram account accompanied by a photo of the two of them.

“I was so upset when someone told me Lil Nas X did my Jolene song. I just had to find and listen to it right away… and it’s really, really good,” Dolly Parton writes.

Lil Nas X wasn’t late in writing on Twitter what he thought of the praise from the uncrowned goddess of the USA.

Later he spoke in detail about the explosion of the radio station SiriusXM.

– We originally planned to compose a Nirvana song, and then started joking about other things, like taking ‘Jolene’ instead. Then I said: Wait! What if we actually did “Jolene”? Lil told Nas X, who thought everything was perfect.

“Jolene” is one of Dolly Parton’s most famous songs, released in 1973 and according to her; One of her songs that made most of the cover versions.

However, she did not often sing it from the stage, as she herself said that the script is self-experienced – if a jealous woman who sees her husband courted by a woman realizes that she is much more beautiful than her …

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Now Lil Nas X isn’t exactly familiar with the country type. Two years ago he set a record and ruin the charts With two versions of “Old Time Road”, alone and with Billy Ray Cyrus.

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