– I woke up the family and told them it was burning

The fire brigade said it was controlling a fire in a four-story building in Gloucestergaten, Bergen.

Firefighters rushed to the scene with staff from three fire stations. Many residents were evicted.
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At 10.57am, the fire service said a fire broke out in an old brick building in Gloucesterton.

“We have dispatched firefighters from the main station, the fire station in Sandviken and the station in Assange,” Duty Commander Sharus Lahuti told BT after 11 a.m. on the 110 Exchange.

The fire was extinguished outside, but firefighters said they were trying to put out the blaze inside the building.

At 11.57am, firefighters announced they had put out the blaze. The building was also raided by smokers.

A total of 30 firefighters are said to be involved in the ongoing firefighting operation on Thursday afternoon.

– We are still working on fire within the structure. John Magnus Birkland at the 12-hour fire service says people are working inside and outside to put out the fire.

A fire broke out Thursday morning in an old brick building in Gloucesterton.

Dense wooden houses

Police Operations Chief Iver Quant said there was a possibility of major damage from the fire due to the densely populated area with wooden houses.

– Therefore, both the fire service, the police and the health department came out with great resources. Firefighters arrived quickly and were able to evacuate them at the risk of this fire, Quand says.

According to police, all were unharmed, but one was monitored by the health service following the smoking.

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According to Firkland, the fire caused a “violent smoke rise” and he could not immediately say what caused it.

– The street was full of smoke when we arrived at the scene, says the task force.

Firefighters were called in to put out the blaze, which was under construction inside the building.

– Woke up with an alarm

At about 12 p.m., ten people were evacuated from the building and the adjoining building. One of them, Janeb Gwen, 17, was woken up by a fire alarm in the building.

– I got up and looked out the window. There were plenty of ambulances and fire trucks outside. I woke up the other family and told them there was a fire and we had to get out, she says.

Janeb (17) and Sarah Gwen (14) woke up when the fire alarm bell rang in a building in Gloucestergaten.

It was stressful, says Janeb.

– There was smoke through the window and we could smell the smoke. We are told to wait here, and we may be away from our house for a while, says Kuan.

Sister Sarah Gwen (14) says she was confused.

– My older sister woke up and heard the fire alarm. She woke me up and I was able to wear a jacket, she says.

Three fire stations were involved in putting out the fire.

– Smoke coming through the stairs

Resident Jor Mitten says he ran downstairs to check the fire alarm.

– Then the smoke came through the stairs, he says.

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He called the fire department and ran upstairs to warn them of other flats.

– I knocked on the door, but there was no answer. Then came the fire service, says Mithun.

– More on the site

At 13.10, Ommedal said firefighters and police were still at the site.

– Firefighters have contained the blaze, but they have not yet fully evacuated the area. I do not know the background of this, and he added:

– Police are also on duty to regulate traffic.

Omedal says those evicted from the neighboring building can return to their apartments.

– But in the building where the fire broke out, residents have not yet been able to retreat. If they need housing we are helpful, he says.


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