Ice customers must pay 399 kr for 4 days use

Ice customers must pay 399 kr for 4 days use

Full monthly price with 27 unused days.

Fax: Extract from Hartviksen's conversation with Ice . Customer Center

On Monday we wrote about how mobile customers are nearly tricked into paying double if they aren’t careful when changing subscriptions. If you don’t do it exactly at the end of the month, you’re at risk of paying the entire monthly subscription for the next month.

In the case, Rainer Johansson, Ice’s director of communications, stated that their customers “only pay for the days the customer is active with us.”

But a few hours after the case was published, we received an email from a former Ice customer, Hanne Iren Hartviksen, who encountered something completely different:

– I just turned from Ice, on the last day of March 4th. You have ordered Happybytes 19.02. Still, Ace expects me to pay for the remaining 27 days of March, even though I don’t have access to the Internet or anything, Hartvixen wrote.

This directly contradicts Johannison’s statement to earlier.

Hartviksen ordered a new subscription from Happybytes on February 19, without specifying the exact date of the transfer. This should be simple, you report all the mobile operators, all the time you just tell them and then they arrange the rest.

On the other hand, none of them mentioned why you should be careful about the day you port, namely at the end of the month. It is also up to each individual customer to know that one must contact the operators to set the date of the transfer to the beginning of the month.

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In Hartviksen’s case, it was Happybytes who set the date of the transfer, which was then set for March 4.

Thus, she was technically still an Ice customer for four days in March, and as a result received a final bill for her entire monthly subscription to Ice, with a face value of NOK 399.

So Hartviksen contacted the Ice Customer Center, who can report that this is a common practice, and pointed out TermsClause 11.1, which states that “the customer will receive a final invoice after termination.”

This was in stark contrast to what Ice’s director of communications, Reynir Johannesson, told us earlier.

We sent this question to Johansson without getting a clear answer:

You said in the previous article,When customers change their Ice mobile subscriptions, the customer only pays for the days that the customer is active with us». This is obviously not true, because Hanne Iren Hartviksen is not active with you after she turned into a new worker on March 4th, but she still has to pay for the whole month. Do you want to modify this statement?

Johansson does not answer this directly. He wrote in an email to Tek that he misinterpreted some of the comments from customer service, and he apologizes for that.

He writes that in those cases where there is a need for a final bill, it is settled daily used in the last month. In addition to the additional expenses in addition to the monthly fee. This then applies to customers who have unused days, who then receive a discount when the final invoice is issued.

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– Then begins a misunderstanding that applies to some clients, especially those with whom I was naturally in dialogue. If the customer has consumed more than the amount limit we have set (70, -), then the production of such a final invoice will be started. Johansson writes that if a final invoice was not issued, then the amount was not high enough to produce the invoice.

– Here we tried to make it easier, but be sure that he should get better.

In short, this means that if you start a new month in Ice, even if it’s only a few days away, you have to pay the monthly fee.

“I see it being seen as unreasonable, and I think there will be more detailed settlements in the future between companies related to the change of mobile operator,” Johansson wrote.

But why does it take so long every day to go from one factor to the next?

We contacted Happybytes to investigate why Hartvixen was taking so long to be transferred to them.

Unfortunately, we need 7-10 working days to complete the change to ensure that the customer receives a new SIM. This is partly due to the fact that Norwegian Post no longer delivers every day, which means things are taking longer, says Happybytes’ general manager, Thomas Sandaker.

When asked if she would at least get discounted rates for the days when you weren’t an active Happybytes customer, Sandaker answered in the affirmative.

– Yes, all new customers receive a subscription package and a pro-rata bill, i.e. we shorten the term according to the time they were already an active Happybytes customer.

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