May 22, 2022


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Ice launched 5G, but only for Android

Ice launched 5G, but only for Android

15. November Ice may unveil a new brand: NiceMobil, the operator that is eliminating SIM cards and becoming the world’s first fully digital mobile operator.

Updated, 11:26:

iPhone support will come “later,” Ice reports.

Ice gets 5G after a big investment

In September, the company acquired 5G frequencies operating on the 2.1GHz and 700MHz bands as well as the 3600MHz band, but the Ice has not yet been delivered and is valid as of the end of the year.

Nice to be able to share Norway’s third mobile network now has 5G. We start small, then it spreads naturally across the country just like we did with 4G.

Jan-Erik Hvidsten, Director of Technology, Ice.

This is the coverage at the beginning: Android only

Initially, there are Oslo ice stations with 14 stations with the 2.1 and 700MHz bands.

On launch day, the latest generation of mobile networks will be available for most 5G-enabled Android phones.


More than half a billion kroner spent on megahertz trading

The iPhone doesn’t support 700MHz, but it does have 2.1GHz in place. We asked Ice if the iPhone is 5G supported or not.

– In the short term, we plan to operate 5G in 4-5 major cities in Norway, and the rest will come later, concludes Hvidsten.

Ice bought 80 MHz for 554 million NOK. Frequencies apply from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2041. Hvidsten says the auction result will ensure that Ice can boost competition in the Norwegian market, and that further offerings will occur.”

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