Ice takes the blame for a new campaign – which will reduce children's screen use

Ice takes the blame for a new campaign – which will reduce children's screen use

Mobile operator Ice is ready with a whole new communication concept, and is now using innovative excuses to limit children's screen use. Because according to the government, nine out of ten 10-year-olds now have a smartphone, and more than 70 percent of today's high school students spend at least three hours in front of a screen every day.

Now Ice will make his contribution with the goal of reducing screen usage and in two brand new commercials, all possible stupid excuses are addressed, whether it's that tablets only work in the rain or that kids have to put their cell phones in “car mode” on a long trip. .

– This is the first thing we do regarding our new communication concept, “Easy, with our own network”, which should reflect that we are constantly striving to simplify processes, improve services and develop products at low prices, he says. Janekin LambMarketing Director at Ice to Campaign.

This spring, the number of Ice customers exceeded 900,000 and the head of Ice's advertising and production department, Camilla Nygardsays the mobile operator still has significant growth ambitions, “not least in the household sector.”

We have great growth ambitions, not least in the family sector. That's why we address an important topic that many parents are aware of: How to limit children's screen use? But given that we do, after all, sell both mobile phones and 5G, we have to communicate that in a way that fits our brand — that is, with a good dose of humour, warmth and self-irony, Nygaard says.

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In the new films, Ace suggests that parents could instead blame Ace, which has a free subscription for kids, and Ace Junior, which only has one gigabyte (1 GB) of data. Then usage limits itself.

Here you can watch “Only When It Rains” from Ice's new communication concept.

Morgenstern Martin Myhre And Jakob Dahl Changezi They were productive, Lars Christian Flemen It is directed, while the creative team Anders Moerman Holm And Sebastian Bristow Stand on this idea.

As parents, not a day goes by without us talking or reading about our children's screen use. Everyone agrees that it should be limited in some way, but we don't agree on how. In this context, we couldn't have asked for a better product than Ice Junior. The subscription only has 1GB of data, but there's strength in the limitation. Because when there's no data, kids simply have to come up with something else, Holm and Bristow say.

– Some may argue that a 1GB data subscription is a small deal, but in this case the product is a strength. The team says it's cool and smart that Ice is handling this.

The new films also end with a brand new vocal logo for Ice, which was developed by Ohlogy and music producer Goran Obad.

Of Ice participants in addition to Lampe and Nygaard, Head of Marketing, Musa Dignyo brand head, Anja Palmer Skagestad. Fra Morgenstern also has a project manager Mona Larsenadvisor Camilla Kim Kelland And designer Katherine Hogebühl Contributed. Other people involved are the production manager Lottie Smith.

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Here you can watch the movie “Car Mode” from Ice's new connectivity concept.

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