June 10, 2023


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Lillestrom – Molde 2-1

Status updated!

At 2–1 to the home team and after 42 minutes into the match, Molde was reduced to ten players.

Magnus Wolf Eckerem was delayed by a tackle on Jermond Ossen. Molde’s captain lost the ball for the first time, missed when he tried to catch it and hit Åsen hard just below the knee.

Referee Ola Hobber Nilsen used the advantage clause and allowed the match to continue before pocketing a yellow card.

Then the interference was checked by VAR, and Hobber Nilsen, seeing the situation again, changed the card to red.

Akram himself says this about the situation:

– I get a bad touch and turn around. I don’t really see it coming. It’s hard to see. He could have been given a yellow card as he did, but…

– I told the guys in the dressing room that they had a great second half without me. It’s a pity that it will be ten men, it’s a shame, but that’s how football is sometimes.

TV 2 commentators thought Hobber Nielsen’s red card was understandable.

– Ai ai ai, there is a commotion! Morton Langley of TV 2 commented that it was well judged.

– TV 2 football expert Simen Stamsø-Møller said he knows very well what happened.

This made it difficult for the league champion to get up. Molde had several great chances in the second half, but Lilleström pulled away from the full-back and the Canaries could celebrate with three points.

What happened? Molde’s Christian Eriksen was disappointed after losing to Lillestrom. Photo: Beate Oma Dahle/NTB

early target

Kristoffer Tønessen sent the crowd into the air when he made it 1-0 four minutes later.

Molde’s Emil Breivik equalized after 34 minutes, but the joy was short-lived for the blue shirts. Just over two minutes later, Akor Adams dispatched Lilleström with the score at 2-1.

– It’s very important. Åråsen will be a fortress, now we took two in a row and we will continue to do so, said LSK goalkeeper Mads Heidenstad after the match.

Romsdalsklopen had a poor start to the season.

The score after three rounds is two losses and one draw. The blue team is 15th in the table, trailed only by neighboring Ålesund.

Lillestrom has six points and is fourth.

Disappointed: Ola Brynhilsen and Molde go on a rampage against Lillestrom.  Photo: Bayat Uma Dahli

Disappointed: Ola Brynhilsen and Molde go on a rampage against Lillestrom. Photo: Bayat Uma Dahli

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