Ida is racing towards Earth with a wind speed of 209 km/h – VG

Ida is racing towards Earth with a wind speed of 209 km/h - VG

Louisiana residents can expect a very powerful hurricane, exactly 16 years after the Katrina tragedy.


Louisiana residents have received hurricane warnings several times in recent years, but Hurricane Ida appears to be the worst in many years.

Hurricane strength increases as it approaches landing. According to Fox 8, meteorologists are warning of “life-threatening storms, and possibly catastrophic devastation due to heavy winds and rain. They are expected to arrive within the next 24 hours.”

The strength is updated on Sunday morning Category 4 hurricane. In contrast, Hurricane Katrina had a Category 5 strength.

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell has advised residents planning to move out of the city to do so immediately.

Large Systems: The image shows strong weather systems over the North American continent. Hurricane Nora in the lower left and Hurricane Ida in the right.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards describes seriousness as follows CNN:

Ida will be one of the strongest hurricanes to hit Louisiana since the 1850s.

– This is a very strong storm. I don’t want the people on the floor sleeping.

More than 4,000 soldiers and other National Guard crews are mobilized in Louisiana, and 5,000 are ready to mobilize when the hurricane hits the ground.

The National Hurricane Center reported at 7 a.m. Norwegian time on Sunday that the hurricane was located 170 kilometers southeast of the Mississippi River, at which time the hurricane’s wind speed was 209 km/h.

Preparation: A man nails plywood in front of a store in New Orleans while waiting for Hurricane Ida.

Meteorologists estimate that Ida winds can reach 209 km/h when they hit the ground on Sunday afternoon, according to The cyclone is expected to hit Baton Rouge on Monday, with less strong winds expected.

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– The hurricane appears to have begun its intensification phase, hurricane expert Danielle Brown tells the newspaper.

Convenient wind pattern, warm water, and humid weather allow for more overnight boosting.

All flights to and from the airport in New Orleans, a city of one million people, were canceled as of Sunday morning local time due to the hurricane. Neighboring Mississippi also declared a state of emergency.

Public statement from the National Weather Service of New Orleans It tells how dangerous the situation is.

“These are the last hours to prepare or evacuate. […] When the storm first occurs, the rescuers will retreat and you will have to manage yourself,” they write in capital letters.

The list: On Saturday, there was a traffic jam outside the security checkpoint at the New Orleans, Louisiana airport. Residents evacuated the city after reports that Hurricane Ida was raging on the beach.

Oil company Exxon limits production at its Baton Rouge refinery.

Hurricane preparations are coming at the same time Louisiana has been hit and continues to suffer severely from the Corona pandemic.

country by NBC Amid a serious outbreak, with more than 3,400 new cases recorded on Friday.

At least 2,684 people have been hospitalized.

We were already in full disaster mode and prepared for this storm, says Warner Thomas, general manager of a large health company.

He ordered the provision of food, medicine and medical equipment for 10 days.

“It’s something we who live in Louisiana are used to, and we’re in that situation now,” he says.

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