Ida Vladen about her dream of motherhood: – She is afraid to have children on her own

Ida Vladen about her dream of motherhood: – She is afraid to have children on her own

– DrOne of the most important things to me is becoming a mother in some way. But I'm afraid to have children alone. I'm suffocated by the idea of ​​not having a partner to whom you can say: Can you take the kids for a while now?

This is what Ida Vladen (38 years old), a broadcaster and radio presenter, says in a longer interview Aftenposten.

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Vladen is currently participating in the TV series “Plan Baby” which premiered on March 11. Here she and her TV personality Vegard Harm (27) test their qualities as parents, by looking after a group of three siblings in Bærum.

“Ida Vladen and Vegard Harm are forever single, but they want to have children,” says the presenter. VGTV.

They made a backup plan; Could it be the idea of ​​having children together?

This could be the baby's name

They call it “Plan B” for a reason, Vladen confirms to Aftenposten. Because the dream is still to find a girlfriend to have children with.

And the 38-year-old isn't giving up.

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She told the newspaper that her dream scenario is to meet a spontaneous and honest man who is not afraid to talk about his feelings during the year.

“Then we spend a great time together for a year, traveling a bit, before we try to have kids,” she adds.

- Don't stress about anything

– Don't stress about anything

Vladen has not yet responded to KK's inquiries.

To K.K Vladen has previously spoken about the grief she experienced when her last relationship ended in 2018, and how she didn't dare go on a date afterward. In recent years, I have thought differently.

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– Again, it's about seeing the positive side in a situation. “To be an adult and completely free – and to have organized finances,” she told KK last year, explaining:

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– Many of my friends have kids – Oh my God, I want to go there too, that's undeniable – but to be confident in yourself, to not be afraid of rejection anymore, to have that freedom…

- Keep driving off the road

– Keep driving off the road

She explained that when you talk about freedom, it's not just the freedom to date, but freedom in general. Like going to a bunch of festivals this summer and to Marbella with a group of girlfriends.

-It enriches my life. Not that I'll live a completely independent life, but I'm doing it now, and then I'll have to enjoy it.

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– Instead of longing for the solid, I'm a little afraid of it. Now I'm used to it. Now it is very interesting and wonderful to be free and have life so open.

This case was first published in K. no

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