January 31, 2023


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If he breaks the top four for Liverpool:

“There is a crisis in Liverpool,” said Viaplay commentator Sven Bisgaard-Sandet as the red-clad side lost 3-1 to Brentford in the Premier League on Monday night.

Of their 17 Premier League matches, Liverpool have won only eight, while four have ended in a draw and five in defeat.

– Is there a crisis?

– If you look at the big picture, we’re in for a generational change. We’ve had a good four or five years, and that’s pretty much what a team can do. He was very slow and in terms of bringing in reinforcements we did very little in midfield. We don’t need to speculate what that means, but Klopp often waited a year to get the right player, Tore Hansen answers to Dagbladet.

He’s the general manager of the Norwegian fan club Liverpool.no, and naturally follows his favorite team closely.

The result against Brentford was disappointing, it’s easy to feel sad, but it’s been really the same since the start of the season. So there is a common thread here. Hansen adds that this is not an isolated finding.

He believes Liverpool have not been able to renew themselves fast enough, and the club may have been too loyal to some players. It also points to several injury problems.

Meeting: Tore Hansen in Liverpool.  Manager Jurgen Klopp shouldn't be saluting.  Photo: private

Meeting: Tore Hansen in Liverpool. Manager Jurgen Klopp shouldn’t be saluting. Photo: private
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– fiasco

Liverpool currently ranks sixth in the English Premier League. In the battle for the top four, the team is leading, among others, Newcastle, Manchester United and Tottenham in the table, while Chelsea is catching up behind. In other words, it is likely that this season it will be a fierce battle for the top four places, which give tickets to the Champions League matches.

– What do you think of the top four this season?

– Fortunately, it will not be set in January, but this is the minimum target. It is still possible, and so is going far in the Champions League.

Despair: Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah after losing to Brentford.  PHOTO: REUTERS/John Sibley/NTP

Despair: Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah after losing to Brentford. PHOTO: REUTERS/John Sibley/NTP
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How would you describe it if Liverpool didn’t reach the top four?

– Then it is definitely the season of failure. Then we almost have to win the Champions League to be able to say it was a good season, which is not easy. Obviously, it would be a complete failure if we didn’t make it into the top four.

Sky Sports expert Jamie Carragher can hardly identify the men in red.

I’ve hardly seen Klopp’s squad this season. Liverpool is unable to handle the intensity of the opponent. It reminds me of Arsène Wenger’s Arsenal, which transformed from a strong and fast team into a technical team. Defensively, Liverpool are a big piper, the former Liverpool centre-back wrote on Twitter.

Hansen totally agrees, he thinks Liverpool have become a bit sluggish, a little apathetic.

– We run a little more often. Both round one against Leicester, and round two against Aston Villa, that is, the last two league games before Brentford, we will be down. It’s a very unusual Liverpool, so something is missing there.

Hope for an excellent purchase

Borussia Dortmund star Jude Bellingham (19) is among the players linked with Liverpool.

Hansen hopes the red outfit can secure the English jewel during the summer transfer window, but he knows the competition will be tough. Real Madrid and Manchester City are also said to be looking for former teammate Erling Braut Haaland.

Not only is Bellingham a fine player with ten good years ahead of him, but he is exactly the kind of player Liverpool need. He’s a box-to-box player, Hansen says, and that makes him incredibly interesting.

Jan Age Feuertoft, who is relatively well resourced in German football, joined the programme Twitter He has been told that Dortmund will accept a €120m bid for Bellingham this summer.

In Norwegian krone, the amount corresponds to approximately 1.2 billion.

It will be one of the most expensive in the world. There are some clubs in Europe that we cannot compete with financially, but it does not seem that he is after money, but rather makes his own decisions. Hansen expects it to be a small advantage for Liverpool.

SO GOOD: Borussia Dortmund star Jude Bellingham celebrates scoring.  PHOTO: REUTERS/Heiko Becker/NTP

SO GOOD: Borussia Dortmund star Jude Bellingham celebrates scoring. PHOTO: REUTERS/Heiko Becker/NTP
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Full confidence

Despite the fact that we probably know the answer, Dagbladet Hansen finally asked if Liverpool fans still had faith in Klopp.

“Yes,” the supportive manager said emphatically, before continuing:

– All teams and managers make mistakes. So does Klopp, but the big questions about the coach are never on the table.

On Saturday, Wolverhampton will visit Liverpool in the third round of the FA Cup. Seven days later, Brighton awaits away in the Premier League.

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