– If I had known that, I would have stood up and gotten a medal.

– If I had known that, I would have stood up and gotten a medal.

Christopher Randall of Dropback stood alone on the victory podium – as the only 5,000-meter race walk participant at the National Championships. Photo: Bjorn S. Dilipik/VG

Here, Christopher Randall, 17, stands alone on the victory podium in New Mexico in the race walk.

He was the only one to start the men's 5000 metres.

In the women's category, there were three entrants, with Siri Gamst Glettenberg (21 years old) winning – and they all received a medal.

– If I had known that, I would have stood up and won another medal, even if I had spent the whole evening, wrote Tore Strømøy (64), the former Norwegian champion in the distance, for VG.

Profile of NRK and former racer Tore Strømøy. Photo: Frode Hansen / VG

In 2000 and 2008, Kirsti Tsy Platzer won the Olympic silver medal in the 20 km race. Tore Strömøy was also on the Olympic track, but then Norway boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics in protest against the Soviet Union's war in Afghanistan.

– In my time, I have been an advocate for introducing track and field in New Mexico, to be more visible. But with only one participant, this won't be very exciting for viewers. But all credit to one. I'm rooting for him and hope racegoers know when to visit next, Strømøy wrote for VG.

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Two of the four NM entrants in the race on Friday: gold medalists Christopher Randall and Siri Gamst Glitenberg Photo: Bjørn S. Delebekk/VG

Christopher Randall was hoping for a better competition, but he's glad he went with the women. He was beaten by Siri Gamst Glittenberg, but for Randall it was all about qualifying for the U18 EC. And he did it by a good margin.

-I don't know why I'm alone. It's a lot smaller, but I'm the only one here, yeah. There were three of us participating indoors last year. Fortunately, the girls pushed me well,” Randall tells VG.

“I’m looking forward to the European Championships. I won the Nordic Championships last year, so it will be exciting too,” continues the 17-year-old, who won his first gold medal in the NM Seniors when he was 15.

Thus the situation is not much better among women.

– It's not very good. There are quite a few. Kappgang is a bit like that… not many people do it! At least not in Norway. It would be nice if there were more of us, says gold medalist Siri Gamst Glitenberg.

– A nautical mile down the road? No, I don't know if anything will come of it. Someone has to arrange that.

Is racing a dying sport in Norway?

– Yes, I actually think so. Because employment is not the same as before. Previously, there was a national assembly where young men were selected from the Lerøy Games. That's how I got into the race. But that's over now.

The other two medal winners/sharers in the women's category were Maren Carlsen Beckstad and Fried Møller-Flatin.

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