– If it was windy, it would have been more difficult

- If it was windy, it would have been more difficult

The burning at the parsonage in Poe began late Sunday night. On Monday morning, the police reported that the building sustained significant burns.

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According to police in Nordland, a house fire was reported in Buvogen on Sunday night.

This priest, about 100 years old, was to be in Poe.

One person fled the building and was injured. An air ambulance transported the person concerned.

“The fire service is working to limit damage and secure nearby buildings,” police wrote on Twitter around 01:00 on Monday.

Overheating in all rooms

According to Boe’s fire chief, Torven-Johnsen, no one was lost in connection with the fire.

– It was hectic in all the rooms when we arrived, so we couldn’t send out smoking divers, he says to VOL at. 02:00 pm until Monday.

Then he added that post-extinguishing work is underway.

– That is the challenge. This is a large and old house. There is a lot of energy in fire.

all night vacation

We’ll keep putting out the fire all night and into the morning, Johnson said.

He stated that the winds were weak and therefore there was no danger of the fire spreading to the surrounding buildings.

– In this sense, we are lucky with circumstances. Johnson stated that had it been windy, it would have been much more difficult.

The 1824 Bø Church is located near the farmhouse, but there was absolutely no danger of a fire spreading there. The cause of the fire is not yet known.

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picture: Marit Sorensen ringtone


On Monday morning, police reported that parts of the parsonage had been burned.

“The fire brigade extinguished the fire, but suspended some of its crews until further notice,” the police wrote on Twitter at 05.00.

Not much is left of the building, COO Ulf Slettan tells Dagbladet.

At 10.00, VOL was informed through the 110 exchange that two people from the fire service were immediately left for observation.

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