If the government does not provide the word settlement, local politicians in the central party will leave the party.

If the government does not provide the word settlement, local politicians in the central party will leave the party.

– We expect farmers to get everything, says Rockhnhill Hoganrud Moen, mayor of the Center Party in Nord-Otel.

Thursday will be an important day in Norwegian agriculture. The Center Party will respond on its own, to those who voted for them in government, to the historically high demand for money.

The annual agricultural settlement demand of farmers is unprecedented: 11.5 billion. Last year, it ended in a breakdown. Tomorrow, Agriculture Minister Sandra Porsche (SP) will respond.

Clear warnings are now coming from the grassroots of the party. In the local Nord-Odal, all nine SP politicians in the city council will leave the party if they are not satisfied.

This was stated by the Mayor of North-Odel.

– Many of the main voters of the Central Party are engaged in agriculture. Moen tells Dagblatt that not providing this would uproot the party.

Enters the Sorting Carpet

The gradual rise in prices of fertilizers, diesel and concentrates has caused a crisis for many in agriculture. Farmers Dagbladet has spokenSays the economic situation has never been worse.

2.4 of the $ 11.5 billion needed in 2022 is associated with additional spending. But the Norwegian Farmers Association and the Norwegian Farmers and Small Owners Association were not satisfied with just reimbursing the increased costs. They demand a substantial increase in farmers’ incomes.

North-Odell municipal councilors discussed the issue with Center Party parliamentarians yesterday. Local SPs are not exactly down on what will happen if negotiations take place. But government signals will be decisive as to whether they are withdrawing.

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– Farmers need to offset unpredictable price rises, says Moyan.

Near the crisis

Clear requirements also come from the grassroots at Indre Fosen in Trondelag.

– The government, in particular, should provide the center party, demands the center party mayor Bizorner Buhak in Indre Foson.

He believes the government should provide more than Rs 5 billion, with a priority of up to Rs 10 billion, for a real solution. If not it will create problems in the party.

– Crisis is a strong word, but I think it’s one of the closest to a crisis. Buhag says this will lead to great dissatisfaction among key voters and great distrust among shopkeepers.

He believes it would be unsympathetic if Norway did not maintain strong food production.

– People bring this to me when I meet them at the store. Even those who don’t actually belong to agriculture are watching to see if it starts to become an organism, Buhak says.

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Have faith

The mayor of Skiptvet’s center party in Viken recalls the severity of the situation.

– We depend on farmers who produce food. I am confident that the Minister of Agriculture will both see and feel the seriousness of the body. But I’m excited, says SkipWet Mayor Anne-Great Larson.

Vidar Netrebo, the county leader of the Center Party in Rogaland, recalls for his part that the government is in the worst crisis internationally since World War II.

– Things have changed in the last year. People should keep this in mind when it comes to offer. Agriculture has never been in better hands with government, although it has never been worse, Netrebo says.

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– I think the government will see that this is a good plan from the farmers, says Netrebo.

Lost every fourth member

How the crisis in agriculture affects support for the central party is still uncertain. The Center Party does not want to give its latest membership.

SP politicians in Nord-Odal are preparing to step down, estimating that the local team has lost 25 percent of its members in the past year.

This is also due to some local issues.

– This would be beyond the central party, much could be said in the Labor government. If you go loud and dark, you have to answer, says Mayor Moen.

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