November 28, 2022


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- If we lose, we're totally out - VG

– If we lose, we’re totally out – VG

Roser Profiles: Vålerenga coach Dag-Eilev Fagermo has been impressed with Bodø/Glimt’s success in recent years.

VALLE (VG) Vålerenga has five points up to a medal with four league rounds remaining, and must beat Bodø/Glimt in the medal match. At the same time, the VIF camp praises the team that must be defeated.


– Maybe winning or losing against Rosenborg too, and there could be a long way to go even with a win. If we lose to Glimt, we are completely out of the competition for the medal.

Vålerenga coach Dag-Eilev Fagermo thinks so, and who acknowledges it 0-3 loss to Rosenborg Now he has a lot to say about VIF’s medal chances.

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Molde is one point away from becoming the league champion, but the battle for silver and bronze is very evenly matched. Bodø/Glimt is barely in the lead for silver, one point ahead of Rosenborg and Lillestrøm.

Viv is five points behind, who will face both Glimt and Molde at home this fall.

VIF gem Odin Thiago Holm also opined that Sunday’s match should be won.

– That’s fast. Now it’s a bit embarrassing to throw off our tracks after the loss in Trondheim, but with the win over Glimt, hope has come to life again. Holm concludes to VG that it will be decisive.

MUST WIN: Vålerenga’s Odin Thiago Holm believes VIF must beat Bodø/Glimt to have any hope of a medal.

A fourth place in Eliteserien could theoretically give qualification matches to the Conference League, if one of the teams in the top three wins the Norway Cup. Third place, however, leads to several million more than fourth place in total results from Norwegian Top Soccer, According to Dagsavisen.

The reigning series champions in both 2021 and 2020 left their mark in both the Conference and the Europa League, shaking things up. Arsenal at home on Thursday nightdespite the loss. Fagermo is very impressed with what Kjetil Knutsen has achieved with Bodø/Glimt in the past two years.

– It’s a class. Fabulous on every level possible. Nothing else to say about it, really. First and foremost with the logistics of the players, they brought in players that were reasonably priced and were good. In addition, they have self-developed players. Now they have the financial resources to buy top players, as coach Vålerenga considered.

Do you have anything to learn from Glimt?

Everyone has something to learn from good people. it’s clear. We’re operating somewhat on the same principles here, trying to build a team and develop our team that will help bring the team to the table. Which we hope will provide us a lot of income through sales.

And former Glimt player Omar Leoni, who won the silver medal with the team in 2019, is also full of praise ahead of Sunday’s showdown.

What they have done in recent years is, of course, wonderful. It’s a good job, and great, says the suite for VG.

– They play very fast, and everyone knows what to do. It’s synchronous, and it’s one layer. He adds that Glimt can change a lot of players and still play well, and they know their place with each other.

His colleague Holm followed.

It is admirable to achieve such great things in a city like Bodo. All of Europe has been dominant in Eliteserien over several years. It is very inspiring for us to see that it is possible to achieve such a thing in Norway, the gem of Vålerenga is also applauded.

note! National team player Stefan Strandberg is still absent through injury and did not train with the rest of the FIFA squad on Wednesday. He won’t be ready for Sunday’s game.