“If you take a long shower, a shower costs millions”

"If you take a long shower, a shower costs millions"
“There are indeed many people affected by rising electricity prices, but people with cabins without power showers in southern Norway are not the main victims,” ​​writes BT commentator Stig Arild Petersen.

The media’s use of extreme examples in the case of electricity contributes to polarization.

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Last fall Norwegian newspaper editors got a bright idea. To illustrate how expensive electricity was, many of them started showing how much it cost to take a shower.

Basically a great example of good journalism teaching. The price per kilowatt hour is very abstract. The price of a shower is easy to deal with.

It quickly changed from being an illustrative example in cases of electricity prices: “How much will it cost to take a shower tonight” as we can read in many places.

Electricity is expensive, a shower costs more Van (n) is smart. If we are to judge by the number of rain cases, the readership is very good.

From December However, there is a problem for journalists: the government picks up a large part of the bill – often the majority – through electricity subsidies. Rain prices are no longer sensational.

This week, NRK found the solution – and a new word: Statskanalen can say a “cabin shower” is now NOK 70!

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