IKEA, Shopping Mall | This is IKEA's new big project

IKEA, Shopping Mall |  This is IKEA's new big project

(electronic newspaper) Karl Johan, Oslo (Netafsen): We got a sneak peek at IKEA's new flagship investment in central Oslo. IKEA confirms to Nettavisen that the opening date will be May 30 at 10am. There will be a grand opening with a DJ, and IKEA is preparing for large crowds.

Step inside in the video above!

This is something completely different from the so-called planning studios that IKEA has in a number of cities.

Kitchen equipment and furniture

This is a department store where 1,000 products are displayed, including kitchens, sofas, chairs, shelves, pans and other kitchen equipment. You can purchase 600 items out of 1,500 items from the store.

The items you can buy in the store are smaller in size. You cannot take a bed or a large wardrobe with you from here.

“But we also have smaller, flat-packed furniture,” Thorisel says.

She says the largest piece of furniture is a cart table. But other than that you can order everything from the IKEA catalog in the store.

Cafe and shop

The new store is located next to Karl Johansgate, close to Stortorget. It covers two levels and 1000 square metres.

There is also a café in the department store and there will also be a separate 'food shop' where you can buy frozen pizza, meatballs, Swedish juice and jam.

“We expect at least 1,000 visitors on the first day,” says Hannah Thorsell.

-It seems like it will take a while until everything is ready, and there are not many days until the opening. Are you sure it will be ready?

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– Sure, I'm pretty sure of that. There is a large group of people working to make sure everything is ready on time, says Thorsell.

Take necessary measures to prevent waiting lists

– What do you do to prevent queues at sales outlets?

-We distributed the boxes in several places in the room. There are ten boxes in total.

-Are you confident that people will not have to wait long at the points of sale?

-I'm very sure of that. “We have a lot of experience with this,” says Thorsell.

The buildings are located in the center of Smørøyet in Oslo, and this area has some of the highest rental prices.

Buildings are obviously expensive, but they are worth it, warehouse manager Hannah Thorsell at IKEA tells Netavisen.

Starting in Norway

IKEA has achieved adventurous growth since its founding in 1943. In Norway, its first store was opened in Nesbro in Asker in 1963.

In 1975, the first large department store opened not far away, in Slippenden. This also applies to the liquid.

Today IKEA has seven large warehouses stretching from Kristiansand in the south to Trondheim in the north. In addition, they have eight so-called planning studios.

IKEA has a warehouse here

IKEA has warehouses here:

  • Foros (Stavanger)
  • Furoset (Oslo)
  • Lingen (Trondheim)
  • Ringsaker (Hamar)
  • Slippenden (liquid)
  • Southern Norway (Kristiansand)
  • Assane (Bergen)

Planning and arrangement point:

  • Arendal
  • Drammen
  • Haugesund
  • Oslo (Akersgata)
  • Oslo (Majorstoa) (Oslo)
  • Bourgeron
  • Sarpsborg
  • skating

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