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Tonje Såkvitne i Senterungdommen i Hordaland.

A joint project by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Ban Nor will secure a new European road and dual carriageway between Arna in Bergen and Stangel in Växtall.

The regulation plan has been approved, is scheduled to start in 2024, and the project team needs NOK 200 million next year to keep up the momentum.

Parallel: Road and rail often run side-by-side in the mountains through Waksdal.

Description: Red Ant / Norwegian Road Administration

– Injury

So many reacted Disbelief when the government cut funding for the program in a proposal to the state budget Last week. “A betrayal”, “incomprehensible” and “incomprehensible” were words that resonated in strong reactions.

Now the Labor Party and even the Center Party are getting their own kick.

– We are sad and angry because it is out of the state budget, and we are not there yet, says Donje Säkvitne at the youth center in Hortaland.

He also sits on the district board in Voss for the Center Party. Chakwitne is unhappy that it is the mother party that has shelved the entire project.

– It hurts. I wish I could stand here and talk about the good things in the budget, but I can’t. For those of us who live with these railways and roads, this cut overshadows everything else.

Accident on the E16 near Bolstadt in June 2016

Slide: In 2016 a lorry train driver had a horror escape in this huge slide across the E16 near Bolstadt. This slide point will not be enhanced by the planned development and will only be preserved in section 2 of the development between Bergen and Voss.

Photo: Drone

Accident and accident exposure

The new E16 between Arna and Stanghelle and Vossebanen cost NOK 26 billion.

Later, development is planned to continue until Voss. The main objective is to drastically reduce travel time on both road and rail and to protect motorists and rail passengers from landslides and landslides.

Stretching is simple Norway is the most landslide-prone European road. The He has been in hundreds of races Since the 90s. Since 1992, 34 people have been killed and over 100 seriously injured in traffic jams between Arna and Vos.

– Don’t feel compelled to discuss what to prioritize. We’re all the same in the Westland, why don’t we listen, Sagwitne growls.

– Do they consider the cut from the government a breach of promise?

– I feel this is the wrong priority. We don’t understand why other transportation projects are being prioritized, which is “about life and health,” Sagwitne replied.

This echoes what his party leader and now finance minister, Trikve Slacksvold Vade (SP), has said since the 2017 election campaign. Bergen’s détente prioritized party growth when he said “life and health are paramount.” Ahead of other projects, and construction should begin in 2021.

AUF: – We do not provide

In January 2021, Bergen Mayor Marte Mjøs Persen (Ap), now Minister of Labor in the government Same words About why the development between Bergen and Voss is so important.

Therefore, the AUF in Westland is very unhappy that the government has not “delivered” in its first formal state budget.

– This is an incredible shame and disappointment. We know the budget will be tight, but we’re still disappointed. Now we hope that it will be included in the negotiations in Storting. Otherwise, we are not prioritizing life and health as we promised,” says County Manager June Trengerite Gruyer.

Understand the deception

NRK has asked the finance minister to comment on the youth party’s criticism, but the finance ministry is referring the transport ministry for comments.

Transport Minister Jon-Iver Nygaard Indre Sogn was on a boat when several transport cuts were tabled in the state budget last week.

– For those who are disappointed, I say understand. But I believe most people understand that it is important for us to take care of our finances. There is war and an energy crisis in Europe. The most important thing now is to lower interest rates and provide a budget to help control price growth, Nygård told NRK.

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