– I’m not the one who sells gas – VG

- I'm not the one who sells gas - VG
Dark times: Jonas Gahr Store says the most important thing Norway can do for Europe is to make more gas available.

Brussels/Oslo (VG) Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store (Ap) does not believe in the effect of a price cap that also includes gas from Norway, as many EU countries are now suggesting.


– It is not a solution we propose. We don’t think it provides an answer to the challenges the EU faces, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoer tells VG about setting the price cap for Norwegian gas.

We said we are open to talking with the European Union about all the solutions that they are discussing now. He adds that the European Union has not addressed this matter.

European Union energy ministers gather on Friday for a crisis meeting in Brussels. The meeting has one purpose: To lower electricity prices To consumers and businesses, starting with today’s extreme levels across Europe.

One of the measures proposed by the European Commission is to set a cap on the price of Russian gas. But several EU countries have also called that Norway, which has emerged as the largest supplier of gas to Europe, should cut prices as well.

Last place is Denmark. On the way to the crisis meeting in Brussels on Friday This morning, the Danish Energy Minister said the proposed price cap should also apply to gas from Norway.

– We will discuss this with Norway, but we will not follow the same policy towards Norway as towards Putin, and this goes without saying. But he said it is good to have some good conversations with our friends in Norway, so that the price of Norwegian gas is also different.

Proceed with setting a price cap

EU member states are now moving forward with proposing a cap on the price of gas. This was stated by the Czech Minister of Industry and Energy Josef Sekila when summing up the extraordinary meeting in Brussels.

Originally, the European Commission argued Russian gas price ceilingBut Russia was not specifically mentioned in the energy ministers’ statement.

This could mean that the committee has the agreement of member states to go ahead with setting a price ceiling for all gas purchased. This may include gas from Norway, which is now Europe’s largest supplier of gas.

EU ministers consider the price cap to be a temporary measure in the event of an emergency.

At the same time, they mention it Oil and gas companies must make a “solidarity contribution”.

– I’m not the one who sells gas

Norway made a lot of money from gas after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

And while gas revenues amounted to 830 billion last year, it is estimated that this year’s revenues will be 1500 billion and 1900 billion next year, according to E24.

But for VG, Støre stresses that it is the companies that sell the gas.

I tell my European colleagues that I am not the one who sells gas. The licenses are given to companies that pay high taxes, and therefore they are the ones selling them. There is a dialogue with those companies and in those negotiations you have to look for solutions.

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He says the most important thing Norway can do is find more gas and get it to European markets.

Now the crisis and what I call the war economy are hitting so hard that they face immediate challenges. I am keen that we continue to demonstrate our ability to deliver gas at a high and stable level.

Negotiations: Jonas Gahr Store and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, here at a meeting in Brussels in February.

Can Norway do more to help European countries in the electricity crisis?

– Yes, we will actively participate in cooperation to find short and long-term solutions to the electricity crisis, and we can share our knowledge of the electricity market. Today the NHO has all the Nordic associations in Oslo. I spoke to them. Nordic countries have experience in the electricity exchange that Europe looks forward to, as it has been proven to provide stability and lower prices over time.

He says he realized that what the EU cares about most when it comes to gas now is more long-term contracts.

– It was something we got with Europe several years ago, after which the EU made sure to switch to short-term contracts. Now there is a desire to see if it is possible to switch to long-term contracts again. I get the impression that Norwegian companies are open to discussing this.

The proposed maximum price for Russian gas Not just about the prices themselves, but to make themselves less dependent on Russia, so that the still-imported gas can no longer be used as a weapon.

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In the short term, demand for Norwegian gas, and therefore prices, may increase if Putin does what he warned and stops remaining deliveries.

EU President: After the electricity meeting on Friday, Czech Minister of Industry and Energy Josef Sekila said that member states have now agreed on measures that can quickly lower electricity prices in Europe.

EU Note: We will negotiate

Although European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has only proposed a cap on the price of Russian gas, she will also negotiate with Norway for lower prices, according to a leaked EU memo. TV2 mentioned Wednesday.

The memorandum states that dialogue with reliable gas suppliers such as Norway in order to secure lower prices through negotiations should continue further.

Belgium is the country Which pushed to the limit To get a cap on the price of Norwegian gas as well. In an interview with Politico Crowe said, on Thursday evening, that the European Union should lower electricity prices by setting a maximum price for gas imported from anywhere in the world.

Jonas Gahr Store was asked about the gas price ceiling to tackle the energy crisis in Europe in an interview with financial times Wednesday. He said there that he did not close any discussion doors.

The interview was widely quoted as saying that Norway is open to gas price ceilings, but Stor specific After that he is open to considering all the solutions that the European Union comes up with.

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