January 31, 2023


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- I'm so exhausted - VG

– I’m so exhausted – VG

Movie Queen: Sandra Bullock, here at the Los City premiere in London on March 31 this year.

Sandra Bullock, 57, is taking a break from the movie screen.


The American star has been on a fast track throughout her 35-year career, but now she’s tired.

Bullock explains to The Hollywood Reporter The rest period that I announced this spring could be extended.

“I don’t want to follow anyone’s schedule other than mine,” says the 57-year-old, known from films like “Gravity,” “The Blind Side,” “Miss Congeniality,” “Speed,” and “Two Weeks Notice.” , ’28 Days’ and ‘Bird Box’ – as well as Annual Fresh “the lost City” And the bullet train.

The latter does not have a world premiere until next month.

After that, it may take a long time until the next time the audience sees Bullock in action.

– I’m very tired, and I am very tired. Therefore, I can’t make healthy, smart decisions, and I’m aware of that, she says in an interview with the magazine.

When asked how long she plans to break for the movie, Bullock replies that she doesn’t know.

She further explains that she realizes that Can Calm down, you won’t have to work as much to value yourself as a human being.

The movie star, who won Oscars, stresses that she is grateful that she always has so much to do. In fact, she initially said no to show production and play in “The Lost City”.

– Channing was totally involved in it, says Bullock.

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When she changed her mind, it was about the demands that the female lead role should have a greater heroine stature, and that the main male role (played by Tatum Channing), should be more in line with her female sides.

The film has generated over a billion crowns in ticket revenue since its March premiere. However, the VG reviewer was lukewarm and served Three on the dice.