February 1, 2023


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- I'm totally pessimistic - VG

– I’m totally pessimistic – VG

Anxiety: Anne Brown-Olsen fears the Croatia holidays are over.

Police tighten rules for obtaining emergency passports: Holiday travel is no longer a condition.


From Monday, May 30, only those who are in an emergency or have special circumstances can apply for an emergency passport.

– Department Director Bjorn Vandwick at the Directorate of Police says they are saddened by the fact that they were not allowed to travel on the holiday they were looking forward to.

He explains that in a situation where not everyone has enough emergency passports, those who really need them should get emergency passports.

– We have a great understanding that many people are distrustful and frustrated, says Vandavik.

The holes are closed

Today, the rule is that you can get an emergency passport if it is seven days or less until you travel. Or if you do not receive a regular passport after ten days.

This rule change will close a loophole for those without a passport and those planning to go abroad this summer. The waiting period for obtaining a normal passport can be at least seven weeks and up to ten weeks before July 1.

Wait here: At the police station in Oslo, there is a separate queue for emergency passes.

– It is horrible that they are tightening the rules. Anne Brown-Olson tells VG from Oslo that I’m completely confused and pessimistic.

He is going on a sailing holiday in Croatia in July, has a meeting at the passport office on June 22, and is afraid it will be too late when police warn him that the passport delivery time could take up to ten weeks.

An emergency passport is a temporary passport that only applies to your current trip. When you return home it should be returned to the police or border control.

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Fill by hand

Due to the epidemic and war in Ukraine there was a shortage of electronic chips for passports and some paper and plastic components.

Unni Noram, division head of the Norwegian Directorate of Police, told VG that emergency passports were hand-filled at the police station. The emergency passport card has the same contents as the normal passport, but it is white.

All eight pages are made of paper of the same quality as the visa pages of a normal passport. Photos and personal items are protected by plastic laminate glued after customization.

Emergency passports have the same suppliers as ordinary passports, so they are subject to production challenges.

Emergency Passport: Emergency Passport Card.

Eats from the warehouse

Bjோர்rn Wandwick, director of the department at the Norwegian Police Directorate, announced on Monday that the rule change would come through the VG.

He said the police would focus on tracking down applicants in February and March and with a reasonable expectation of getting a passport before the summer.

– But it is not certain that we will be able to take care of this group because their needs will be left out of the possession of emergency passports. Therefore, we work to limit the criteria.

Vandwick encouraged everyone to comply with the police’s key message: Do not book a trip until you have a passport or National Identity Card.

– Wendtwick says we will closely monitor the situation and adjust the criteria if the issuance of emergency passports does not have a good enough effect or change.

Morning: Passport queue long before police station opens in Oslo.

3000 emergency tickets this year

As of today, about 3,000 emergency passports have been issued. Compared to the years we normally traveled before the corona epidemic, not much:

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In 2018, 26,000 emergency passports were issued. 23,000 in 2019, the Directorate of Police informs VG. That number dropped to 4,600 in both 2020 and 2021, travel was not encouraged and borders were closed.

Like ordinary passports, emergency passports are affected by longer delivery times for electronic chips and lower availability of plastic and paper components.

The bass is due to even greater demand. 100,000 Norwegians Waiting to get a passport. The waiting period is at least seven weeks. Less time to order a passport or national identity card.

– Lots of danger

On Wednesday, Ann Brown-Olsen was queuing for an emergency passport at a police station in Oslo, but did not realize it should be less than seven days to apply.

– I had to go with an unresolved case. Now I have to look at the passport hours available before June 22nd or gamble that I will get an emergency passport a week before the holiday. I’m a little pessimistic, says Brown-Olson.

She, along with her husband, children and male friends, have rented a large boat in the Adriatic.

– We have to be two to lead such a big boat and depend on everyone who contributes to the ship. “We have a lot of risk here,” she said.

If you have received an emergency passport twice in the last five years, you will usually not receive an emergency passport again. If you have previously lost an emergency passport or have not returned it, you may be denied.

Not all countries accept emergency passports. No America and Dubai. Cheque Travel Information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs See where you are entering with an emergency passport.

Your regular passport will not be valid when you receive an emergency passport. So if you are traveling with an emergency passport, you will need to have a new passport or ID card.

Complete information on emergency passports can be found here Police Websites.