Imam in Islam, Judaism Drum was fired after anti-Semitic statements

Imam in Islam, Judaism Drum was fired after anti-Semitic statements

Minhaj ul-Quran Norway’s board has chosen to remove Imam Noor Ahmad Noori from Tramon after his anti-Semitic post on Facebook.

The decision was made on Monday, and the religious community announced the decision in a press release Tuesday night.

– Imam Noor Ahmad Noor was sacked and his work relationship with him came into effect immediately. The government points out that Minhaj-ul-Quran has no tolerance for anti-Semitism and says it will severely suppress all forms of incitement, racism and discrimination.

The inquiry committee concluded

The decision came after the board appointed a committee of inquiry, which proposed the removal of the imam. The panel concluded that there was a serious breach of duty in the employment contract.

The Imam has apologized for the posts, and he has announced Drummans Tidende They were copied from others and then shared by himself.

My posts were published in frustration at the attacks on innocent children and women in Gaza. My criticism and frustration should be towards the regime, not on the groups of people, he said in an SMS.


The imam was criticized by a private individual and anti-racism center for inciting hate speech and criminal acts.

“Hitler saved some Jews so that the world would know how evil this country is and why it was necessary to kill them,” it said in a statement.

Posts are written in Urdu To dawn There is a standard-guaranteed translation into the Norwegian language.

“Israel is a devil. Hitler did not kill everyone and let anyone live, so the world will see how dangerous they are to humanity while they are alive,” another post said.

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The king needs a study

Prior to the dismissal, the Drumman Imam was suspended, in connection with which Culture Minister Abid Raja (V) spoke in support of the training.

The king called to the front Aftonboston He said the Imam’s hate speech against Jews was “dangerous” and that Muslims should be the last to expose others to the doctrines of hatred and conspiracy.

– Religious leaders need training, first the Imams, said the Minister of Culture.

He pointed out that many Muslims fear or experience fear of being hated or attacked. Raja also believes that Muslims in Norway have a bad reputation for their attitude towards Jews and Israel, although it is very unfair to most Muslims.

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