June 5, 2023


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Important clarification about UU provisions and exemption

Important clarification about UU provisions and exemption

The directorate concludes: “The exemption clause in TEK17 § 12-7 paragraph 7 does not apply to social areas.” “Like cinema and theater rooms, we believe that each individual social area in the building can offer different offerings. All users of a building that has overall design requirements should have the opportunity to pursue different offerings,” said the response letter from the Building Quality Department.

This is an important principle Clarify that the industry should take note of it. Although in this context it applies to educational buildings, where, of course, there should not be exceptions to the regulationsAnd The rule of thumb should be that rooms that are to be used by several people together should always be designed globally. We often see a similar problem in cafes and nightclubs where you can create ‘life’ in buildings by having different levels. If the tables in the available level are occupied, while others are vacant, it is inconvenient to ask other guests to move.

universal design All people should be given equal exposure. No one may be referred to their respective places or prevented from participating in all performances offered. Architects often hold the key to creating buildings for an inclusive and equal society. If in doubt, seek advice in knowledge of disability organizations.

Kristi M. Sternsen, Regional Leader of the Norwegian Handicapped Association of Trondelag

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