Important for new study admissions – V.G

Important for new study admissions - V.G

Oda Foss, 20, from Oslo, feared she was wasting money taking lessons as a private student.

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Last week, a panel presented recommendations for major changes to higher education admissions. Among other things, they propose to remove the possibility of taking subjects that you have already scored as an individual from secondary school.

One of those doing it now is Oda Foss (20) from Oslo. He says he was confused when he read the news about the proposals for the new admission system.

– I thought it was the stupidest thing I had ever heard, she says.

These are the recommendations

Since April last year, a government-appointed committee has been working on recommendations on how to change the current course enrollment. And these were delivered last week For Education Minister Ola Borden Moe (SP).

The criteria should still be used to rank candidates, but the committee proposes the following changes:

  • Remove all age and extra points
  • Improving marks will not count towards admission
  • Candidates can take the entrance test instead.
  • New subjects can be taken even after completing secondary school
  • Remove gender points and change gender quotas
  • Eliminate special quality requirements, for example teacher training

The committee proposes to change the first-time diploma quota and ordinary quota to a grade quota, where all compete with first-time passers. This quota is applicable for 80 percent seats.

The last 20 percent seats are reserved for the entrance exam quota, where candidates can take a standardized test. Candidates who have passed secondary school but without marks can also appear in the exam.

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She was afraid she was wasting money

The 20-year-old from Oslo didn’t realize at first that it would take time before any changes took place. He finishes secondary school in 2021, but is taking lessons at Bjørknes this year, hoping to enter dentistry at the University of Bergen.

– I was afraid that I spent a lot of money on taking lessons, which was completely unnecessary.

He urges school-goers to find out if they can apply for higher education in a completely different way than they currently do.

– When I was in my first year of high school, I did really badly. I don’t take school seriously and you can get really bad if the chance to take lessons disappears.

Many people are worried

VG has interacted with many youngsters who are afraid of being affected by the changes in study admissions.

The Ministry of Education says by email that it is too early to say what will be changed in line with the committee’s proposals. The plan is to send the report for consultation, after which the ministry will consider how the proposals should be implemented.

Any changes in the regulations should be notified in time and the next year’s admissions will not be affected by the committee’s work on the proposal, they said. For example, any changes affecting the private sector program may be some time in the future.

– When you’re 15 you don’t know what you want to be

– In a way, it would have been better if I hadn’t taken the lessons and waited for these changes to come, but I realized that it will take time, says Fass.

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He believes it would be good if the average for entry comes down with the new rules, but for some courses like medicine, the average will still be higher.

– When you’re 15, everyone doesn’t know what they want to be. Some may not be mature enough to make such big choices at such a young age.

He believes that the chance of getting into the entrance exam will be the eye of a narrow needle.

– A lot of people will apply for that quota, so it gives only a minimal chance of getting in.

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