“In an exceptional case, there should be room for consideration of an extraordinary increase in wages”

Labor policy: Erlend Wiborg is the Chairman of the Labor and Social Affairs Committee in the German Parliament and the first candidate for the FRP in the Østfold constituency.

The FRP will introduce a national minimum wage and change the rules for working hours. But is it for the benefit of workers? We are challenging Labor Policy Spokesperson Erlind Wiborg.

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Former FRP leader Siv Jensen has spoken out in favor of moving away from the front line theme model Increase the salaries of health professionals and teachers. Is this the official opinion of the FRP?

– The FRP is for the Front Subject Form, but in an exceptional case, there should be scope for consideration of an extraordinary salary increase for health staff and teachers. Over time, one has to stick to the foreground subject model. For several years, everyone agreed that health professionals and teachers should be fired. We need it for future employment. Now is the time to urge the parties to take an extraordinary step.

FRP will introduce a national minimum wage. The Norwegian trade union movement believes that the national minimum wage will push wages down. Why do you think it is wrong?

Like the trade union movement in Europe, we want a national minimum wage. No instead of Fixed minimum wage, but In addition to. Most workers will be above the national minimum wage.

We want to keep wage formation as it is today, but it should not be allowed to negotiate at a level lower than that of the national minimum wage. I think this is important because it is a system that is easy to explain and control. It is also an important step in the fight against social dumping.

Haven’t the parties in working life handled the minimum wage issue well so far?

In areas of collective bargaining, they have it, but the challenge is that there are many people who choose not to organize. Many work in companies where there is no collective agreement. I’m worried about that everybody Employees should be well protected, regardless of whether they are union affiliated or not.

How is the national minimum wage rhyme introduced? FRP ideology that the state should not interfere unnecessarily?

– As mentioned, we still say that the parties themselves will negotiate, but this is the bare minimum. We are a liberal party, but we also believe that we should have a good social safety net – people should have an income to live on.

The Frp also states that you want a “reasonable working hours framework”. what does that mean?

This means we want to pass more power to the local store hosts, those who wear the shoe, so that they and the company can find good solutions. One example is that one should be able to calculate average hours worked. I don’t mean that people have to work more, but they should be able to work more in intervals. For example, if you have joint child care, you’ll appreciate being able to work a little more the week you don’t have the baby and a little less the week you have the baby.

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Many would argue that this results in employers forcing employees to work at unfavorable times. What do you say to them?

– If one wants to deviate from normal working hours, it should be based on local agreement. It should be possible to discuss solutions if the employee so desires, and this is convenient for store managers and employers.

Labor policy: Erlend Wiborg is the Chair of the Labor and Social Affairs Committee in the Norwegian Parliament and the first candidate for FRP in the constituency Østfold.

Werner Jovic

The FRP list of what you achieved in government states that you have promoted the right to work full time. In what way did you reinforce it?

Temporary employment change. Previously, you had to be a temporary employee for four years before you were entitled to a permanent job. We changed this to three years.

We also made it clear that permanent employment should be the rule of thumb.

We have given increased allowances to municipalities and given a clear message that unwanted part-time work must be abolished. that it unwanted Part time we want to get rid of.

Many people think that part-time work is first and foremost about the fact that daily life in many hospitals and nursing homes is too stressful to have a full-time job without compromising health. How can you make it easier for more people to work full time?

One is about predictable changes, so it’s no secret that it’s about key personnel.

The FRP is proposing in its new program to introduce a standard of employment for nursing homes. Is there an acknowledgment here that employment is very poor today?

– It’s very different. Personally, I support the employment rules. It’s about setting a minimum – it’s illegal to have fewer than that and many employees. The hiring rule will prevent some municipalities from having so few employees that employees completely overwork themselves. In the long run, this will increase absenteeism due to illness, which is a good argument for employment standards.

Changes in the Work Environment Act that were implemented when the FRP was in government meant, among other things, that it became easier to hire temporarily. Many of those who work in the health sector, for example, would probably say that having access to temporary work is exactly what extends their legs to full, permanent jobs. What do you think of this claim?

– The FRP supports openness to temporary employment in the private sector, but wants to tighten access in the public sector, so that there are more equal rules. Today, there are more liberal rules for temporary employment in the public sector. The FRP wants as many equal rules as possible in the public and private sectors. In the public sector, one sees the biggest problems of temporary employment.

How will FRP prevent efficiency flight and ensure the employment of health workers?

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One gets paid and then there are working conditions like working hours, predictability, good basic staff. I think I will do a lot.

I think leadership is also important. I get a lot of comments about poor management in nursing and care. If you are a very good nurse, this does not mean that you are automatically a very good business manager in a nursing home. We need to get better at finding those with good leadership skills when we are hiring in the public sector.

FRP wants the state to take responsibility for elder care. why?

– We believe elder care is very important to municipal finance to determine what kind of offer you get – it’s the individual’s needs that will decide.

Some trials have been conducted with state-funded aged care. Users and employees were generally satisfied, but its cost is higher than it is today. Where will you get the money?

– Yes, it costs more. This is about priorities. We think there is a lot of waste in Norway. For example, there are many symbolic actions in the climate sector, huge sums are spent on measures that do not necessarily have an effect.

Can you give an example?

– Carbon dioxide cleaning of tall ships that Parliament and the government have decided to spend nearly NOK 200 million on. We are also positive about the oil and gas sector and we want to develop it.

It will also combine the municipal and state portion of Nav into a single state unit. What will this device look like?

There will still be a maritime office in every municipality, but Nav will have one budget and one comprehensive system to deal with. Today there are two different systems and two different collective agreements – this creates unnecessary bureaucracy. We want to remove bureaucracy and ensure user focus.

This is what Frp thinks:

Practical life and luxury

• Adapt work environment law to ensure that more people have access to work, in whole or in part.

• Ensure access to arrange local shifts and other alternate working time systems.

• Permanent full-time jobs should be the main rule of Norwegian working life.

• The national minimum wage will be introduced.

• Support agreements concluded between the two parties in working life.

• Preserving the right to non-regulation.

• Give more people the opportunity to find work by ensuring access to temporary work.

• The centralization of wage settlements should be reduced in order to increase the share of local negotiations.

• merging the state and municipal part of the navy into a single state unit. It will provide a smoother tracking of users and a better space for streamlining existing legislation and benefits.

Children and family

• All accredited kindergartens must be treated equally by the public sector.

• Ensure real and equal financial treatment for private and public kindergartens.

• Private kindergartens receive direct funding from the state, according to the model of private schools.

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• Freedom to establish private kindergartens.

• Child benefits and benefits will be deducted from Nav for measuring social assistance.

health and care

• Close regional health funds and distribute tasks between the national administration unit and local health funds. Local health funds are independent operating units that evaluate their activities according to demand and oversight signals from the state.

• Transferring responsibility to health funds for a sound medical service and emergency service in the municipalities.

• Increasing the percentage of finance driven by effort to 60 percent as a minimum.

• Equality of treatment between public and private hospitals.

• Granting the state financial responsibility for care services and users the freedom to choose their provider.

Offering complete and real freedom of choice in all care services.

Introducing employment rules in nursing homes. (national minority
The Board has taken opposition on this point and wants it from the programme, Journals.)

Provide a national user survey and a relative survey of all nursing homes.

Fight malnutrition and get more kitchens back into nursing homes.

• Delegate supervisory authorities to impose penalties on organizations that do not meet quality requirements, regardless of whether the organization is public or private.

• Handle dental health and other health challenges on an equal footing from a financial point of view.


• Contribute to increasing cooperation in the field of rescue in the North.

• Perform a review of the structure, sectoral divisions, and clearer lines of responsibility in the event of a crisis.

(Taken from the recommendation of the National Council for 2021-2025 programming)

Facts about state care for the elderly

• In 2015, the government allocated funds to conduct trials with state-funded elderly care in six municipalities. The evaluation showed, among other things, that the project increased efficiency and cooperation in the participating municipalities, but also increased the overall costs of aged care.

Sources: Government website, report “Evaluation of a state-funded pilot scheme for municipal health and welfare services.”

Facts about changes to the work environment law

• Amendments to the Work Environment Law in 2015 included new general access to temporary employment without conditions for up to twelve months. With the new changes, the employee is entitled to permanent employment after three years.

LO believes that the changes made in 2015 mean a weakening of the law. Among other things, the organization was critical of the point about temporary employment.

Sources: Government website, LO Consultation Statement on Work Environment Law

Facts about tall ships

• In the proposed 2021 state budget, the government has proposed to allocate about NOK 2.3 billion for a long time to carbon dioxide capture and storage. This was adopted by the Norwegian Parliament in December 2020.

Sources: government websites

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