In Foldel, it was a very cold night until Monday

In Foldel, it was a very cold night until Monday
In 2018: Water that boils here turns to ice at minus 15 degrees in Foldel. If you do this trick, it’s important not to throw the water straight up. If not frozen, there is a risk of hot water getting into the tile…

A cold seeps through the kingdom. Monday night was very cold at Foldel; Here it was measured as minus 26.2 degrees.

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Second and third on the cold list in the last 24 hours were Leerflaeden and Feilfjell in Gutbrandsthalen with 25.9 and 25.1 degrees Celsius respectively.

– It’s winter now, and overall it’s going to be a bit colder than normal, Elin Tranvoll, state meteorologist at the Met Office, tells VG.

– In Oslo, Friday looks colder at minus 8 degrees, he adds.

Snow warning

Otherwise, the men from Trønder and Romsdalen must bring out the snow shovels.

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal as more snow is expected overnight into Tuesday.

– Overnight into Tuesday, less than 300 meters of snow is expected, with the snow line falling throughout Tuesday. Snowfall of 10-25 centimeters is expected in 24 hours, with large local variations. Most of the snow is expected in the outer regions, he writes Meteorological Institute.

This warning applies to Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal from 1pm on Tuesday and until 7pm on Wednesday.

Forecasters write that there could be difficult driving conditions inland, with snow fronts leading to reduced visibility and the possibility of convoy driving and road closures.

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They have also sent out an avalanche warning for the outer areas of Nordland and Troms, as avalanches are expected from Monday to Wednesday evening due to strong winds and snow showers from the northwest.

But in southern Norway there is not so much snow on the stairs.

– There is not much snow in the store, but very little. The can There will be some snow during the week, but it won’t be a big hit, says Tranwall.

Other parts of the country have also started feeling cold. It was minus 12.6 degrees this morning in Sjusjøen.

Cold last night: In Sjusjøen, both the cold and the snow have subsided and it was around 12 degrees Celsius when this picture was taken on Sunday.

White Christmas?

But will it be a white Christmas, or will we have to dream about it?

Unfortunately, meteorologists believe we’re a little late in getting the answer to this — for many — important question.

– It’s too early to tell. Predictions for the future are that it will continue to be very cold. Where there is snow, it won’t disappear, but we can’t say much more than that, says Eiselin Skjerva, a state meteorologist at the National Weather Service, who has information on what the weather will look like in the short term.

She advises those hungry for snow to keep going Senorge.No To check the snow depth in the kingdom.

Trønders and Romsdals will at least get a white coat this week.

– In Trøndelag, it is mostly expected in the outer areas, but in Møre and Romsdal, it comes practically everywhere, says Skjerva.

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– Will the people of Trondheim celebrate a white Christmas?

– If it continues like this, Skjerva says, if it stays that way, but you can’t know it ahead of time, and points out that the predictions currently only go up to December 14th.

– There may be a hot period after that. We don’t know, he concludes, but the forecast until December 14 is cold.

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