– In recent years, sales have increased dramatically

- In recent years, sales have increased dramatically

The demand for film reels for older cameras is huge. Andre Engelsvoll shares here his best tips for taking analog photos.


This is one of the analog cameras that Andre Engelsvoll now owns. Both are from the 80s/90s.

– They’ll be great. Pictures on the phone aren’t close, says the 28-year-old from Sundance.

He usually brings an analog camera (like the one with a movie on) every time he goes out, and he rarely takes pictures with his mobile phone anymore. In fact, he used digital cameras for ten years, before taking an aha two years ago.

– I came across a Youtube video of someone using an old camera, and I was surprised at how great the pictures are, he says.

Thus, he went to Finn.no and bought a cheap camera from the 80s.

– I also learned that film reels can still be purchased, he says.

– to the sky

Engelsfull is not alone. Stavanger’s picture noted a huge demand for films.

– In recent years, sales have increased dramatically. At times, it was hard to come by, and luckily a number of producers woke up and made more, says General Manager Arent of Yusang.

Arnt Ove Jøsang is the General Manager of Stavanger foto.

Young people mostly come to the store to buy films and develop pictures.

– They’re starting to grow. Someone found a camera in Grandpa’s attic. Five years ago, you would have thrown it away, and now young people are dusting off and wanting to explore it, says Jøsang.

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Otherwise, the cameras are mostly sold on Finn.no.

– No longer sold new. If we catch someone being used, we put them on the shelf so they have desperate guys in their eyes, he says.

More work

It gives something different from what digital cameras do. Most things have become very digital; Everything runs on mobile and data. It’s a good idea to do more of the work yourself, Engelsfull says.

With 36 pictures on a film roll, he thinks more every time he takes a picture.

– You get with her a more conscientious relationship, and you don’t take ten pictures of the same thing. Since you can’t see the photos first, you need to be more aware of the settings and what you want to remove from the photo.

At first, there was a lot to learn about.

Here are his tips for beginners:

  • At Finn.no you will find analog cameras for less than a thousand kroner. You don’t have to go into everything right away.
  • If the camera was made in the 1970s and earlier, most settings are manual. Newer cameras often have autofocus and a photometer.
  • Search the camera online and you will find instructions for use.
  • Pictures get different expressions depending on the roll of film you choose.
  • Get the images developed in the store, at least initially. Developing yourself takes a lot of work.
  • If you want to develop yourself, you should not have a separate room. A darkroom bag works well.
  • You learn along the way, and the results are visible quickly. You quickly see what’s wrong, and you can improve it next time.
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Like it’s not perfect

Although you have to buy film and pay for development, analog photography isn’t necessarily much more expensive than using digital cameras.

– You can develop some photos for the price of a new digital camera. Especially if you have an old camera for free or cheap, says Jøsang of Stavanger foto.

Many people think that it is a good idea not to rely on a computer from time to time.

Dropping all electronic devices is a thing for many. It just might get a lot more real, and it’s also cool with what isn’t quite as perfect. If there is a little grain and structure in the film, it will be a little tough. In the digital world, the opposite is true. There’s a perfect haunt, no noise in the images, and great colours. He says he’s almost prettier than he actually is.

Turn to Insta

Sometimes people would stop Engelsfull in the street and wonder what he was doing.

One of my cameras is too big. It would be a conversation starter, Inglesfull says.

He loves to document what he sees around him.

– I usually take family photos, sometimes I go out to see what I find. It also makes me more familiar with the area I live in, he says.

puts the score on Instagram, after the first development and scanning of images.

– It’s a great detour. But there’s also an environment for this on Instagram, he says.


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