June 6, 2023


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In the list of the ten best movie shows of 2021 - VG

In the list of the ten best movie shows of 2021 – VG

Reason for smiling: Anders Danielsen Lie.

He was overshadowed by Rinat Rinzefe after the premiere of “The Worst Man in the World”. But now Anders Danielsen Lie is being praised for his role in the film by Time magazine.


With the slightest pressure of infection in Oslo, perhaps the Assistant District Administrator of Nordrej Aker could pass through Time magazine.

In that case, Anders Danielsen will do to me find themselves On the prestigious list of the ten most impressive acting performances in the movie of 2021, for his role in Joachim Trier’s film “The Worst Man in the World”.

got the movie good reviews Starring Rinat Renzvi instant star mode When it was taken out to main competition During the Cannes Film Festival in July. On the Riviera, it is called Renseve Best Actress, before the film this fall was the Norwegian film Oscar nominee.

But now it’s Danielson Lee’s turn to pay tribute to her role as cartoonist Axel in the third film in the Oslo Trier Trilogy.

In the store’s selection, monologues are particularly highlighted, meaning that the district chief will be found alongside names such as Will Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Craig – the latter for the role of James Bond in No Time to Die this year.

Also noted: In the same nomination, Renate Reinsve (left) appears under the category ‘Referred Male’.

Although this should be an article about Danielson Lee’s role in the film, we must include that Rinat Renzvi’s interpretation of Jolie was also highlighted by the magazine, under the title “Honorable Mention”.

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