– Incorrect – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– Incorrect – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule
  • The European Football Championship begins on Friday evening with a match between Germany and Scotland at 21:00. The match is broadcast on TV 2 and NRK Radio.

Already in February, Spalletti told Gazzetta dello Sport that Italian players should leave their PlayStation at home – and that the goal was to succeed in the European Championship, “not to win.” Call of duty».

According to ESPN, Spalletti also said in March that he believed one player played all night and didn't sleep before the key match against Ukraine.

When NRK brought up the topic at the press conference on Friday, it was initially silent for a few seconds.

– You talked about not allowing video games, such as PlayStation. If so, why is it so?, asked NRK.

Spalletti scratched his head a little, before launching into a frustrated two-minute monologue.

Michael Foloroncho Luciano Spalletti

On the training field: Spalletti leads the Italian team in hopes of achieving good results in the European Championship. Here with Michael Folorunsho.

Photo: Agence France-Presse

– Sometimes I feel very sad and disappointed when I come here and am asked to comment on things I haven't already said. I don't understand why I should comment on that, he says in Italian according to the English translator.


– What I actually said is that I don't want to. We used a game they love as an example. But what worries me is that they sleep at night, says the 65-year-old.

His response reached major international media outlets, such as ESPN and the AP news agency.

She created her own playroom

The successful Italian coach, who led Napoli to league gold last year, says he doesn't care exactly what the players do in their free time, as long as they sleep well at night.

-I have nothing against any particular game. We have also created a separate games room, where there are two Playstation consoles of the highest quality. Everyone has tried it and played there. I've tried it myself!

Spalletti also claims he will post a photo of the playroom on social media, which he has not done yet.

However, he reiterates that he is concerned about restricting gaming use to certain times of the day.

– I think this is only suitable for players at this level, who play important matches like this. It is unacceptable for players to stay awake until three or four in the morning. this is unacceptable. They say they can sleep in the morning, but then we say: “How did you get used to that?” You should sleep at night.”

-We have to make sure that we give (the players) the right lifestyle, so that we can give our best on the field. This is not true and it is not fair to say that they cannot play PlayStation. You said they couldn't be awake until three or four in the morning. It's something completely different, says the coach.

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Captain: – Give some advice

A few minutes before Spalletti entered the press conference, it was Italy captain Gianluigi Donnarumma who sat in front of the press.

NRK then also asked about any video game rules, and if they have any impact on the team.

The national team manager gave us some advice, but there are no strict rules in any way, says Donnarumma.

It is believed that the tips they received will not have any impact on the players either.


Captain: Donnarumma in training in Germany earlier this week.

Photo: AP

– It is important to find the right balance. Maybe when you are in your room, it might be nice to play some games, but it is important that you do not sit for too long. “You have to make sure you recover and train and that's what matters,” Donnarumma says.

-After dinner we spend some time together in the games room. We spend some time there and decompress a little. You've created a really good unit, says the captain.

Italy will play its first match in the European Group against Albania on Saturday. The match starts at 21.00.

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