Increased dissatisfaction with Støre in new VG poll:

Increased dissatisfaction with Støre in new VG poll:
Middle: Photograph by Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store at Internasjonalen Gallery on September 9. In the background, country father Einar Gerhardsen, who was prime minister for 17 years, watches the crowd at Youngstorget.

One in three think Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store is doing a bad job. There is a sharp increase from pre-summer.


In May, 21 percent of voters thought he was doing a bad job, and now 33 percent think the same. This is illustrated by the October poll conducted by Response Analys for VG.

Remarkably bad

– Those are very bad numbers for Store, says Johannes Berg, an electoral researcher at the Institute for Social Research, adding that the prime minister did not have particularly good numbers before the summer either.

– I would like to believe that the situation for a long time is that voters criticize the government and may think that it is lacking in procedures or that it is not clear enough in its response to the crises we are going through with the electricity crisis, inflation and so on. It can be believed that the fact that the government presents a budget with a clear plan, must be positive. But Berg hasn’t done that yet.

The survey was conducted from 5 to 10 October. The state budget, which includes, among other things Tax increase by 46 billion Norwegian kroner and do it more expensive electric car, It was introduced on October 6.

Only a quarter of voters think Jonas Gahr Store is doing well, a clear drop compared to May. Then 37 percent thought the same thing.

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– Concept

The prime minister points out that many people are now facing a more difficult daily life with increased expenses for mortgages, electricity and food.

“It’s understandable that people hold me responsible, and it’s a responsibility I take, even if it doesn’t necessarily make me famous,” Storr wrote in an email sent through his office.

But I hope and believe that after a while people will see that facing tough times with a fairer distribution and by protecting our shared welfare services means that as a society we can get through this without increasing differences, and without those who are starting to work now, they lose their jobs.

Store believes that the government’s political response is better for the people.

– And then, I also think, that the picture on the measurements may change, he writes.

There are still many – 38 percent – who think Stor is doing neither good nor bad. This number has remained very stable since November of last year.

Støre, not unexpectedly, is the least popular on the right. There are 71 percent and 48 percent of those respectively who voted for Frp and H who think Støre is doing a bad job. But 39 percent of red and left voters think the same thing.

Støre gets good feedback from his people; Only one percent of AKP voters think he is doing a bad job, while 11 percent of SSP voters think he is.

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