June 9, 2023


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Indeed, NRK | Planning to become a celebrity? Then you should watch this TV series from NRK Vestland first

You can find it on NRK TV. The reality series or reality show, if you will, “6899 Until I Die.” Seven episodes revolve around three bike stunts who take on the near impossible task of restoring a hotel tired by the Sognefjord in a few months. We’re talking about the famous concrete Balestrand building we’re talking about.

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The big question before us In principle, it is clear whether this will go well.

The series follows the usual drama: the viewer is faced with a major problem that must be solved throughout the series. So problem, problem, problem, and also small and big solutions to all of these problems.

How is it, for example when Kjartan Lauritzen (Per Aki Sigurdsson Kvikne) and his brother Theodor have to go to Oslo several times during the series, at the same time that the hotel’s renovation is more extensive than they expected?

And what happens when the money runs out?

How is love?

This makes for a good drama. Seven episodes of laughter and joy. But also an insight into the deep desperation of having to take on such a big job as renovating and running a hotel, at the same time that everyone involved in the project has to make sure they have a celebrity on the team – a celebrity with a big ego, who is usually kind and charming. , but sometimes it must be handled with silk gloves.

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The main characters should Dealing with big challenges During seven episodes of the reality show, parents Sigurd and Maria (who run the Kvikne hotell) visit with skeptical frowns. My advice is that they were mainly negative that the 3 new hotel owners have what it takes to build a viable hotel in Balestrand.

And it was the right decision Roommate Randy Sognes amut (29) to leave his dental practice in Bergen in favor of a very uncertain hotel project in Sogn?

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On top of all that, they have big plans About a concert on the lawn outside the hotel when the hotel ends.

Anyone nervous about the idea of ​​organizing a confirmation in the spring can benefit from seeing 6899 Balestrand.

Your problem will disappear!

Because what we see and hear feels real From the Balestrand Hotel. NRK has really managed to get into the main characters of this series. There are real tears, real laughter, real love, and real desperation too for the spoiled celebrity scum who can’t quite solve a simple practical task.

Balestrand has received a sympathetic version of the Kardashian family!

How does it feel to star as Jartan Lauritzen?

not easy. He is often angry. He contributed a bit to the renovation, and loves to spoil it. When the hotel is open he also likes to hang out at the bar and we like to think he would fit in.

It’s simply not fun being a celebrity, and at the end of the series we get to see the back of the celebrity medal. This life costs, and costs a lot. We also get an insight into what it’s like to live close to a celebrity who has to sell every bit of himself in a tough fight to survive in the entertainment industry.

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This development is exactly what makes the series into something much more than an entertaining soap. I won’t spoil the viewing for new viewers, but anyone walking around with a celebrity in their stomach should watch 6899 Balestrand. Then career plans may change.

The main characters should be commended for delivering the innermost parts of themselves. This is not common in the Norwegian television industry.

Kjellron Lavecque and Ole Andre Rykedal, Both listeners at home in the NRK office in Førde created the series. Brilliantly produced and filmed. There is a lot of creativity, logistics and hard work behind it to get to the goal.

It is just for NRK to start Work in the new season.

(For information: Firda Kai editor Aage Pedersen worked for many years at NRK and was, among other things, head of the district office in Sogn og Fjordane.)

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