Ine Marie Wellman injured herself during filming

Ine Marie Wellman injured herself during filming

On December 1st, the new Norwegian film Troll premieres exclusively on Netflix. You can find in the main role In Marie Wellman (37)Which, among other things, he played in “Director”And the “Sailor of War” and “anger”.

“It’s the sweetest adventure in the fall,” says Wellman, grinning from ear to ear when Dagbladet asks what it was like to be part of the “Troll” world.

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Lady with a tail

The fact that the Norwegian action adventure has a female lead is something the actor himself thinks is a good thing.

– I think he will be lost, – I told Dagbladet during a press conference for the upcoming film.

– I already experienced when I read the script that Nora was such a sweet and down-to-earth person.

Wellman goes on to say that she had some thoughts on the fact that the female character was like this.

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– In this genre, if there is a big role for the female – she is often in a nightgown with a little pretty dirt on her forehead. But Nora is a captivating person. She is not a romantic and a beauty, she is a lady with tricks. I think that’s cool.

– He has scars

However, playing such a leading role took its toll. The 37-year-old could reveal to Dagbladet that not everything went according to plan during the recording.

– I threw myself hard into a movie camera from close range and bled profusely and had a concussion.

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Was it related to a stunt or what happened?

– Maybe there was a little bit of a mess in the night recording, so there was a camera that I didn’t know existed, but it worked fine. I have a little scar in memory of that night, Wellman says and smiles.

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Did you have to take a break from recording after the accident?

– No, I wasn’t fully aware that I had a concussion, so I kept taking painkillers. I learned a little bit of it later.

Although the actress was injured, she also talks about recording leaving many positive effects.

– There were an incredible number of moments of joy and love.

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